FOCI Wearable

FOCI Wearable Device


Build Quality




App Features





  • Focus Exercises in the App
  • Light Weight
  • Skill of Deep Focus Booklet
  • Gamification


  • A bit Longer time to see results

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What is FOCI Wearable?

FOCI Wearable Usage Summary

This a unique tech wearable that one can own, this uses Cognitive biometrics and AI to help you focus better. Many of us tend to lose focus quite often and we want to maintain our focus to achieve our goals, be it for Study, job, etc. The App has some gamification type of UX (User Experience), that motivates us to get better stats.

What do you get with FOCI Wearable?

  • The skill of Deep Focus Manual: This has a lot of information on how one can improve focus, there are various techniques, examples that one can try and see the difference, also on the last page of the booklet there is a checkmark calendar, which you check when you are using the Foci, this will help you in knowing the difference in your focus levels after various intervals that you can log in to the book.

  • Wearable Belt: You can use this belt to clip your wearable device to your waist and this helps the Foci device in sensing your breath patterns and focus levels better, with its advanced Machine learning algorithms.

  • FOCI Device – This is a small device that looks like a simple clip, it has the charging slot to the bottom and a steel clip on the rear also you get a charging cable with this device.

How to Setup FOCI Wearable?

FOCI Wearable setup

We get a quick start guide booklet, that has step by step information on getting started with the Wearable device, it’s advised to charge the device for 30 minutes before the initial setup and further use.

Once charged, download the Foci app from the respective app stores for Android & IOS. Turn on the Bluetooth and location on your smartphone and let the device get connected and synced to the app.

While Setting up, the app suggests some measures that should be followed to get optimal results from the Foci wearable, after your setup is done, you would get a firmware upgrade, make sure to update that.

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How to Use the FOCI Wearable?

Before using the Foci wearable, make sure to give the Skill of deep focus book a quick read, to see how to utilize the app features efficiently, there are few focus exercises in the app like listening to the sound of water droplets, breathing exercises that help in building some focus, it’s more like concentrated meditation.

There is a deep focus mode in the app, which when enabled make your phone go into DND mode and you don’t get distracted by any notifications and hence you can focus better, when you are trying to concentrate on focus intensive task like, studying, programming, sketching, etc. you should use this mode and try to improve our scores, and after some usage, we can see a good difference on our focus levels.

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How the FOCI App helps you focus better?

When you use this device regularly, you will have some stats that you can observe in the app, as shown in the above image, it shows the time when you were in focus, distracted, etc. All this is done by analyzing breathing patterns by the machine learning algorithms of the FOCI.

In the left image, you can see that, We get a Gamified comparison of our usage patterns by time of the day, that motivates us to maintain our focus and get distracted less in order to get the best stats.

In the above image to the right, the Dashboard/ App Main page, shows a blue color cloud, this keeps on changing the color according to our focus levels, One should try to attain 100% Machine learning in the app so that the algorithm can predict our focus levels better and can have detailed stats on our focus levels as shown in the app.

Our 30 days experience with the FOCI Wearable Device?

We used this device for 30 Days and, we can say that our experience was good, we won’t say it was just amazing, but yes we definitely saw some difference in our focus levels, it got increased for sure.

If we would have to put up a number on how much our focus has improved, we can say that its around 30%, The Foci Skill of Focus Booket has a 60 days plan, one should try to complete the full duration, to see better results.