Infinix Pova 5

Infinix Pova 5


Build Quality






Battery Life


Gaming Experience



  • Excellent Battery Life
  • Good Gaming Experience
  • Load Speakers
  • Bright and Vivid Display


  • Indoor photos are average

What is special about the Infinix Pova 5?

Rear LED on the Inifix Pova 5

If we need to give a tagline for this phone it would be “A gaming powerhouse that looks very classy on a budget price.”, and the reason we gave this tagline is because of the actual features this phone provides for the cost it is offered for.

A stellar design with LED lights, a powerful processor, great cameras and refined software, makes this a gaming phone, that too without spending a lot.

What do we get in the Infinix Pova 5 Box Pack?

Display on the Infnix Pova 5
  • Inifinix Pova 5
  • Wall Charger
  • Phone Case
  • Earphones

Build and Design of the Infinix Pova 5?

Sleek Design of the Infinix Pova 5

As per the design, the phone looks very stylish, it has a sleek design and squarish form factor, and it holds well in hand and has a good grip, on the rear side we have the big camera lenses and the LED strips that can glow with different colors as per led configuration we set up in the settings.

Gaming Experience on the Infinix Pova 5.

Gaming on the Infinix Pova 5

Without a doubt, the gaming experience on a gaming phone would be good, but the question is, is the gaming experience on this budget phone is actually good?

In our experience playing games like Asphalt, Need for Speed, Modern Combat, and Soccer the experience was stellar, the frame rate as top-notch, and the vibration and sound effect from the speaker was excellent.

Audio and Sound quality on the Infinix Pova 5.

We primarily used this phone for entertainment purposes, watching Netflix, and Youtube and listening to music on this smartphone, and to our surprise the sound via the speaker is very loud and crisp, the same goes with the output via wired earphones as well.

The Speaker seems to be well-tuned for vocal audio and bass sounds, as generally the entry level budget phones do not have a good vocal speaker and the movies and be series sound experience is not that great, but this is not the case with the Infinix Pova 5, this definitely is a worthy budget-friendly phone made for entertainment.

Battery life on the Infinix Pova 5.

The general notion about gaming phones is that the battery life on them is average or in many cases not good, as we have to charge them after every gaming session as the battery runs out very quickly.

The phone has a 6000mah battery which is huge and it easily gives 30 hours of normal usage with 50% brightness and 7-8 of screentime, where as when you are using this for gaming you can expect 6-7 hours of battery life easily, which is quite amazing in our opinion.

Plus, we also get a 45 Watt charger which charges the phone in a few hours, so that is pretty good, you get fast charging and you do not have to worry about the charging your phone every now and then.

Photos from the Infinix Pova 5.

The camera on the Infnix Pova 5 is pretty impressive in our opinion, the colors are natural and have deep blacks, which means that you see the photo as natural as possible.

Also the indoor shots turned to be good enough, but it could have been better, although the photo is not dim as it is generally in mid budget priced smartphones, but still the indoor photo quality is descent.

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Software on the Infinix Pova 5.

Camera Interface

The Software on the Inifix Pova 5 is well optimized for gaming and media consumption, there are mninimal bloatware [Additional apps pre installed] and only the required apps are installed.

We were very impressed with the software optimization of the camera in this phone, specially the AI Cam and the portrait mode which works very well.


Overall, we are very satisfied with the phones performance and its gaming capabilities for the price it is offered for, we would suggest this phone even to the people who do no game frequently but are a avid media consumer, which most of us are, this phone will serve as a great buy.