okpro Power station

OKPRO 62500Ma/231Wh Power Station


Build Quality


Smart Features


Battery Life





  • Touch Screen Interface
  • Good Build Quality
  • Compact & Portable
  • Ambient light


  • Lacks Moisture/Dust Protection Rating

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Why do you need OKPRO Power Station?

Many of us go for campings and RV trips, and we may have been in a situation where we would have required a good amount of electricity, for powering our mini appliances like the mini-fridge or lighting our camps with tube lights, fans, etc.

Many times due to the unavailability of the power source, our trip is not enjoyable, To address this situation, we have with us the OKPRO 200W Power Station, A Portable Power Station with long battery backup.

This Power station has Continuous Power output of 200W & the Peak Output Power of 300W, this also weighs in at just 2.6Kgs/6.5lbs which is lightweight for a portable power station also, it is built well and made up of good quality material.

What do you get with the OKPRO Power Station?

The Packaging of the OKPRO Power Station is Minimal, we just get the necessary accessories making the unboxing experience better.

  • OKPRO Portable power station
  • DC 15V 2.4A Power adapter
  • Car charging cable
  • User manual

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Key Features of OKPRO Power Station?

This portable power station has a battery capacity of 62500 Mah, which is great for charging your small gadgets like your phones, laptops, powering portable fans, lights, etc.

This Portable power station is unique as it replaces the traditional physical buttons, with a Touch-screen interface, that’s easy to use and navigate.

Also, this has an Ambient light, which can be turned on by pressing and holding the button for 3-5 seconds, This light makes a great mood lighting for your outdoor/ indoor parties or camps. Also, the color of the lights will change automatically or we can set it to a particular color as we want like green, blue, yellow, red, etc.

This Power station features a standard, Pure Sine Wave AC outlet solar generator, that provides stable power to a wide range of AC-powered devices like TVs, projectors, Speakers, small kitchen appliances, etc, basically, appliances and gadgets that are rated under 200W.

This Power Station also comes with a 2 – year warranty period & a 24-hour customer service for your help, from the date of its original purchase, which means that you can be worry-free about any repairs, as you can claim the warranty anytime in the warranty period.

How Many devices can OKPRO Power Station Power?

This Portable power station has a battery capacity of 62,500 Mah and it can power the below gadgets easily.

  • Laptop: 8 Recharges
  • Phone : 15+ Recharges
  • Drone : 10+ Recarges
  • LED Light [1W] : 230+ Hours
  • Camera 11 Times

Battery & Charging on the OKPRO Power Station?

This Portable power station uses the Battery management system (BMS), which helps in battery utilization and also extends battery life, the BMS also has short circuit protection, overcurrent protection, overload protection, overvoltage protection, overheating protection, and many other such battery safety measures that make sure your power station battery is always in a good condition and ready to use anytime.

This Power station takes around 7 hours to charge via the DC adapter *= the Car cigarette DC 12V Input, [You need to press the AC button to use the AC port] Also you can charge this via solar charging [You need to buy solar panels seperately], it takes around 10 hours to get fully charged via this method.


Overall this is a good basic portable power station that has many useful & advanced features like BMS, Touch Screen interface, Ambient lights, etc, that make it unique among the regular power stations available in the market