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Karnox Gaming Chair – Hunter Bad Guy Edition Review! -Gaming in...

Gaming chairs have been very popular among gamers for a long time, and we have reviewed quite a few of them in our blog previously, including Karnox Legend TR. If you're an avid gamer, you know how important it is to have a comfortable and supportive gaming chair. The Karnox Hunter Gaming Chair - BAD GUY EDITION which comes in this cool-looking Black and White color is a gaming chair that promises to deliver comfort and style.

Sony WF-C700N Review! – Compact Everyday TWS Earphones.

Most of the Sony wireless earphones comes with a minimalistic packaging, this one is not different in the box you can see the basic features of the earbuds. inside the box we get the Earbuds, a USB charging cable, charging case and some eartips.

Kemove K68 Mechanical Keyboard Review – The Budget Buy!

The Kemove K68 has a compact 68-key layout without a dedicated numeric keypad or other dedicated function keys. Thanks to the compact design, it allows for a more ergonomic typing experience since it is closer to the user's body and won’t require a lot of stretching to reach the keys. As for the build quality, it is made with an aluminum frame for a solid and sturdy base and Keymove has used durable materials to ensure longevity and reliability. The keycaps are made of double-shot ABS material, which is resistant to wear and fading, and the switches are hot-swappable, allowing users to easily switch out the switches without needing to solder them.

Kensington Work From Home Accessories Review!

Kensington has been known for creating high-quality business-oriented computer hardware, you may find these products being used by employees of many companies, as these products are robust and have a long life, which makes them ideal for the modern-day employee who does their work on computers.

Sequent Elektron NASA-Themed Space Watch – Classy Swiss Design and Smart...

The Sequent Elektron is a Swiss-made premium watch, that also works as a smartwatch beneath the shiny and premium-looking watch. The Glass on the watch is made out of Sapphire, which Is one of the hardest substances on earth. It measures 9 on the Mohs scale. Only diamond is harder.

GOOVIS Pro 2021 (P2): Review, Ft. D3 Portable Blu-Ray Media Player...

The GOOVIS Pro is not your typical personal mobile head-mounted display. Right from the design and the materials used, the head-mounted display feels premium. It has a bold, striking, two-tone design and there is a glass visor running across the head-mounted display with the company branding which makes it look and feel premium. Although the material used includes a combination of glass and plastic predominantly, the quality is good.

BigBlue Cellpowa 2500 Portable Power Station – Feature Review.

The BigBlue Cellpowa 2500 is a compact portable power station with huge capacity and a budget price tag. This power station is the smallest portable 1800Wh Lithium Iron Phosphate power station in the market and it features a lot of key essential features that most of the normal power stations in the market miss out on such as a Big Flashlight, A comfortable handle with a good grip, etc.

Doogee V20 Launches With A Massive Discount Promotion.

The global launch date for the Doogee V20 5G rugged phone has been set for February 21st. The first rugged phone with an AMOLED display originally valued at $399.99 will debut at $299.99. This price will only be available for the first 1000 purchases on Aliexpress, Doogeemall, and Banggood.

FiiTii HiFiPods Feature Review: Best for Music & Calls: Your Companion...

The FiiTii HiFiPods has a unique design, it looks quite premium, it has a nice spider web pattern on its earbuds and the case has a round form factor with shiny finish to its body, Every part of this earphones is made of 7x aeroMetal which is the key material used on the bear component of the airbus.

DynaYak N35 : The World’s First Waterproof Outdoor Power Station.

Just in case you are wondering, Why does the power station has the name N35? Thats because, the North latitude 35, is one of the most difficult route to cross in the world, It’s about 500 KM to cross Hoh Xil and we need to keep moving west along the north latitude under Kun Lun mountain, where there’s the largest no-man’s land of China, Chang Tang.