Vantop H612 Box pack

VanTop H612 Mirror Dash Cam


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Display Quality


Smart Features


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  • Smart Features
  • Good Build
  • Loop Recording
  • G-Sensor Recording


  • Average Display

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Why do you need Mirror Dash Cam?

While driving looking at the traditional rearview mirror is quite difficult, and many of us have a dashcam installed on our cars, what if you can have a digital rearview camera, and a dashcam together in one single device? That’s where VanTop H612 Mirror Dash Cam shines, it offers many cool features like GPS, touch screen & voice control options.

Unboxing the VanTop H612 Mirror Dash Cam Box?

Vantop H612 Box Accessories

Unboxing the Dash Cam we get the following products:

  • 1 x H612 Mirror Dash Cam
  • 1 x Backup Camera Kit
  • 1 x Backup Camera Kit
  • 1 x GPS Receiver
  • 4 x Rubber Mounting Strap
  • 2 x 3M Adhesive Pad
  • 1 x Easy Pry Tool / 2 x Screw
  • 1 x Cleaning Cloth
  • 1 x User Manual

Specifications of the VanTop H612 Mirror Dash Cam

  • Screen Size: 12 inch IPS Touch 1280 * 320 Pixels Display
  • Front Camera Resolution: 2560*1440P ~ 3.6 MP
  • Rear Camera : 1920*1080 ~ 2MP
  • Front Field of View : 170 Degrees
  • Rear Field of View: 160 Degrees

Top 5 Best Features of VanTop H612 Mirror Dash Cam.

This Mirror Dash Cam offers a lot of features, that one should know, some of the key features that we liked were:

  • Real-Time GPS Tracking
    This Mirror Dashcam supports real-time GPS, which is great, one doesn’t need to use GPS on their phones to look for the routes, Just set your destination location and you are good to go.
  • Night Vision
    Night Vision is a very useful feature, that a mirror dash cam must-have while driving during low visibility, this night vision camera on the dashcam shows the road with good clarity, and we can see easily navigate.
  • Smart Voice Recognition
    Although, this Mirror dash cam supports,, touch screen display, we don’t want to use it quite often for some common or similar tasks like switching to a parking camera, etc, Instead we can use voice commands to give commands, this is quick, safe, and efficient.
  • G-Sensor
    The G-Sensor on the VanTop H612 Mirror Dashcam is equipped with sensors that can easily detect slight collisions or any hard vibrations, and intelligently saves & locks the 20-Sec recorded video footage clip, so that it doesn’t get overwritten by the upcoming footage.
  • Loop-Recording
    The Dash Cam keeps on recording and overwrites when it’s out of space, so one does not need to worry about storage space running out, all the old footage will be overwritten by the new footage and saved to the storage, and the recent dashcam video footage can be viewed anytime.

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Our Experience with the VanTop H612 Mirror Dash Cam?

The Setup was quick and easy, there are many accessories that are included in the box pack that help in mounting the Mirror Dash can on your car, one should read through the user manual once so that you can know about all the features that this Dashcam has to offer.

In terms of GPS navigation, the VanTop H612 worked well with the night vision display and the video quality was good, although we wished the display has a little higher resolution so that the live & night vision videos would have to look much better. The Voice commands we quick to respond and worked well.


Anyone looking out for a smart mirror dash cam that has a built in GPS, plus offers Loop Recording in a budget, should surely checkout the VanTop H612 Mirror Dash Cam.