Sony WF-C700N


Build Quality


Sound Quality


Noise Cancellation


Battery Life


Sony Headphones App



  • Excellent Build Quality
  • Good Noise Cancellation
  • Headphones Connect App
  • Great Connectivity


  • Average Battery Life

What do you get inside the Sony WF-C700N Box?

Most of the Sony wireless earphones comes with a minimalistic packaging, this one is not different in the box you can see the basic features of the earbuds. inside the box we get the Earbuds, a USB charging cable, charging case and some eartips.

Key Features Sony WF-C700N?

Earphones Case

Below are some of the key features of these truly wireless earphones in our experience.

  • All day Comfort
  • Light Weight
  • Charges Quickly
  • Good Noise Cancellation
  • Ambiet sound mode is useful when using this earphones while driving
  • Microphone Quality is good enough for calls
  • IPX4 Water resistant, so this can be worn at gym as well.

Sound Quality on the Sony WF-C700N?

These earphones produce good sound, the bass is okay, the trebles are good, we listed to folk and vocal music and it was amazing, these are great pair of earphones for media consumption, the dialogs are clear and there is no distortion in the sound, the sound is well balanced.

Sony Headphones Connect App

We also do have Headpones Connect App from Sony, where you can adjust the Equilaizer setting of the earphones and can adjust the same as per your preferences.

Battery Life, Charging & Connectivity on Sony WF-C700N?

These earphones charge pretty quickly within 3 hours the earphones were charged and the case give your up to 15 hours of charge and the earphones lasted us around 5-6 hours on 50% volume levels, also if we charge the earphones for 15 minutes we can easily get up to 1 hours of battery life.

The bluettoth connection is also strong in these earphones, we got distortion free sounds from the earphones 40 feet away from the phone also, we these earphones can connect 2 devices at the same time, so lets say your earphones are connected to your laptop and phone and you get a call you can use the earphones for the call and the same will be still connected to your laptop.

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Is the Sony WF-C700N worth its price?

All Day Comfort with Sony Earphones

Overall, yes these earphones are definitely worth the price, the build quality is top notch and the sound is also pretty good for daily use, these earphones make a great daily use wireless earphones for work or entertainment.