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Deeper Connect Mini


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  • Well Priced
  • Excellent Web Portal
  • Serverless Connection
  • No degradation in Speeds
  • Stable & Reliable Connection


  • Not Battery Powered

Why Deeper Connect Mini?

Many of us use, paid VPN connections on regular basis for accessing geo-restricted services like streaming sporting events of a country, some new web series, unblocking some websites that do not work in your region, or even just for the sake of good security and encrypted connection. But we have to renew our VPN service on a monthly or yearly basis and the connection works on a limited number of devices.

But, with Deeper Connect Mini, you just pay once and use it for a lifetime. How cool is this? plus, this works on a DPN – Decentralized Private Network, which means the user data cannot be hacked, logged in and this makes this our network highly secured.

Design and Build of the Deeper Connect Mini

This device is compact and can fit your pocket, this has a rectangular shape, overall this looks like a simple extension dongle for your laptops, we have few additional ports on this device that can be used independently.

This device has the below ports, that can be used by the user.

  • 2 USB-A Ports
  • 1 USB-C Port
  • 1 HDMI Port
  • 2 RJ45 LAN Ports

Although a Small built-in battery for some hours of usage would have been great, as many times when we are in a public place without direct power Source and that time the built-in battery would be better, as we can use this device.

Unboxing & Review Video of Deeper Connect Mini

How to Setup of Deeper Connect Mini

The setup is super easy, it’s just a plug-and-play device, easy to carry around, and can be set up at any place you want, be it at your Home, Office, Hotel room, or while you are traveling, etc. Below are the two simple steps to get started.

  • Connect your ISP RJ45 LAN cable to one end of the LAN port.
  • Connect another LAN Cable to your Laptop/PC/Router

And you are good to go, now you can use the advanced features of this product immediately and see its performance in the dashboard.

Deeper connect Mini Login Page

This is the login page of the Deeper connect mini, you can use the IP [] to get this page and enter your credentials to access the portal to explore the features of this product.

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Key Features of Deeper Connect Mini

The Deeper Connect Mini is a very interesting networking device, that offers a lot of customizable features, that set it apart from the normal VPN connection or other network security products in the market.


Deeper Network - Dashboard

This device runs on AtomOs and the web portal Dashboard shows the Ram(Memory), CPU usage stats, key notifications, the real-time usage stats, system uptime, etc, so basically, it gives high-level information about this device performance.

System Information

Deeper Network - System Stats

This shows the system information of these devices, the hardware used, software version, its network address, be it IP, Mac, etc. The Connected session details like the uptime, TCP/UDP Session number & upgrade button to check for any new firmware for this device. Also to the mid-bottom we have a graph that shows the usage stats.

Web Traffic

Deeper Network - Traffic stats

As the name suggests, this section shows the web traffic that is passed through the Deeper connect mini, the information given in this section is quite detailed and will be quiet exciting for tech guys who like to monitor their web traffic, you can see the App usage session, the local traffic, and the DPN connection [Client and user trraffic].


Deeper Network - Tunnel Mode

This is where the actual decentralized tunneling of the network happens, the user can select the region and the country they want to tunnel n into and within seconds they are connected, and one of the best features of this DPN tunneling is that there is almost no speed/connection issues, it works as good as your normal connection.


Deeper Network - Webfilter

As this section shows the stats of the filtered and stopped queries made to our devices over the internet, it shows the blocked queries, tracers, ads, malicious connections, data, etc, Also if you have kids at your home, you can also block adult content easily with a click, there are close to 160k+ web filter rules on this device that you can configure according to your own usage partners and requirements.

What is DPN & How it Works?

DPN stands for [Decentralized Private Network], you may be able to guess by its abbreviation, what may be a DPN. This Device works in DPN technology, which is a new feature in the consumer network segment.

Unlike a VPN [Virtual Private Network], this also tunnels the web traffic but, the whole process is decentralized, which means the data is highly secured and cannot be leaked, hacked, etc.

In a DPN Network the user acts as both the client and the server, to give you a better idea, here is an example.

There are three users accessing the DPN service in different regions, lets say Tom lives in India and Jerry lives in the USA & Ron lives in China, now Tom wants to access some US-based shows, that are only available in the USA Region, Jerry wants to watch live Sports match that is available only in India, and Ron wants to access Facebook.

Now Here’s what will happen in the DPN Network

  • Tom`s Device will Connect to Jerry`s [US] IP Address
  • Jerry`s Device will connect to Tom`s [Indian] IP Address
  • Ron`s Device will connect to some other users IP address, according to the region he has set in the portal.

Like this, there will be many users whose IP will be swapped and used, and the data transfer is encrypted, as there are no central servers, the data is not logged anywhere, this is a serverless network switching, which makes the DPN stand out of other technologies.

How Secure is Deeper Connect Mini?

deeper connect mini lan port

Deeper Connect Mini is a smart secure gateway, this runs on AtomOS, a lock-free operating system with a 7 layer traffic scanning. Its interface allows you to visualize all the online activities in your own network.

Decentralized networking makes it an ideal product for homes, offices & places where a lot of devices are connected in a network, In today’s age of Smart IOT devices,.

We all have many smart devices connected to our WiFI Networks all the smart devices consume a lot of data and with the deeper connect mini, we can monitor the devices for any abnormality in the data transfer, put web filters, etc.

How you save money while using Deeper Connect Mini.

Many of pay a good amount of money for a traitonal VPN connections, and if someone has lot of gadgets then they pay even more, and this service has to reneveed every now and then.

Where as the Deeper Connect mini is a one time purchase and you and you can use this device for a lifetime, no fees, no renewals, nothing extra.

Our Experience: Is the Deeper Connect Mini Worth it?

We used the Deeper connect mini for a few weeks, and we are definitely happy with the device performance, the only con we all have with a VPN is the slow speeds, but with the Deeper Connect Mini, to our surprise we got our regular internet speed and the connection was stable.

If you are someone who uses VPN on regular basis or concerned about Data security on the go or has a lot of IoT devices in your network and wants to monitor them you should definitely, try this out.