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  • Great Ergonomics
  • Made for Comfort
  • Helps Improves Focus
  • Excellent Build Quality


  • Average Design

Why should you consider Kensington Products?

Kensington has been known for creating high-quality business-oriented computer hardware, you may find these products being used by employees of many companies, as these products are robust and have a long life, which makes them ideal for the modern-day employee who does their work on computers.

With the current trend of working from home, there were some products introduced by Kensington that caters to the work-from-home employees, which would help them with better productivity and comfort, we tried 3 products, The Pro-Fit Ergonomic Keyboard, Foot Rest and the Monitor Stand with Air purifier built in.

Kensington Pro Fit Ergo Keyboard

Pro-Fit Keybaord

The keyboard is a piece of hardware that we used the most while using a computer, and to get maximum comfort and productivity it should be ergonomic in its build, that’s where the ProFit Ergo Keyboard shines.

Pro-Fit Keyboard Rear Side

Typing on the keyboard is a good experience, as this gives good tactile feedback of the keys clicking plus the space between the keys is good as it makes it easier to do fast typing without hitting the wrong key.

Kensington Foot Rest

Foot Rest Features

This footrest is a great comforting gadget, as while we sit on a table, we generally want our foot be in a comfortable and stable position so that we can concentrate on our work, if we are not comfortable, we don’t feel fully focussed.

Foot Rest In the Titled Angle

Our experience with the footrest was really good and would certainly suggest, people who work on their computers for long hours get this so that they can get more focussed.

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Kensington Monitor Stand with Air Purifier

Monitor Stand with Built-in Air Purifier

This is an innovative product, many of us have a Monitor stand, and how many can get Fresh Air out of it? with this monitor stand you can.

Laptop on the Stand

This stand can comfortably, hold the 27-inch monitor and any laptop with ease.

Our Overall experience with the Kensington Products

Spacious Keys for effortless typing
Spacious Keys for effortless typing

Overall in our experience, we feel that the Kensington products are made for ergonomics and comfort which helps in being more productive at work and school, this definitely makes a great gift for anyone who works on a computer most of the day.

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