Fire TV
Wouldn`t be great if you no longer have to struggle with your laptop, cable and portable data drives to binge watch your favorite shows on your TV ?

Fire TV Stick allows you to of consuming a lot of content with different apps and an Intuitive interface to navigate through your titles also you can use Voice commands to Play your Favorite content.

Did you know these 5 things about Fire TV Stick ?

1. You can take it anywhere with you !

If you love to travel or if you’re moving to another country, you don’t have to worry about buying a new device that is compatible with the region’s devices. Amazon Fire TV Stick and the 4K version will work seamlessly in over 80 countries.

All you have to do is go to Manage Your Content and Devices option and open the Settings tab > Go to the Country Settings section, and select Change next to your current country >Enter your new address, and choose your new country. Then select Update

2. Lost your Remote ?  (Happens Frequently right ?)

Now you can be worry free, You can use your mobile device as a remote. Here’s how you can do it in 3 steps! Connect your phone to the same Wi-Fi network as the Fire TV device > Open the Fire TV app your mobile phone and select available device on screen > Follow the on-screen prompt and use the on-screen navigation, keyboard and other menu options to control the Fire TV Stick

3 . Did you know you can play games on your Fire TV Stick?

Play games like Mahjong, Basketball Hoop Toss or Volleyball 3D, To find games, go to Apps > Games on the main menu or press the mic button on your remote and just say “Search for game apps.

4 .You can Screencast / Mirror your phone to your TV.

Want to show a video you shot on your phone on the TV ? You can mirror your compatible android phone using the Fire TV Stick! All you have to do is ensure both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network and hold down the Home button on the remote. Ensure both devices are within 30 ft from each other. Select the Mirroring icon to mirror your phone on the screen.

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5 . You can also Explore lots of Alexa Skills

There are lots of skills that Alexa can perform and there are new Skills Developed & added day by day, Alexa supports a wide range of Skills Such a Playing Videos in Apps, Browsing the web, Etc

Fire TV Stick Now has Native Youtube Support, Just download the app from the App Store and ask Alexa to play your favorite song. You can also ask Alexa to On/Off Lights, Show Live Camera Feeds, Check the Weather, etc