Urbanista Tokyo

Urbanista Tokyo





  • Stylish Design
  • Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity
  • Loud Volume
  • IPX4 Splash Resistant


  • Average Bass

Are you looking to buy/gift someone a stylish looking tech product but not sure about it? Here is something you would love , The Urbanista Tokyo Earphones.

What’s Inside the box?

  • Charging Case
  • Micro-USB Cable
  • Urbanista Tokyo
  • Eartips
  • User Manual

Design & Fit

In terms of design and fit these earphones look minimalistic yet stylish, the Moon Walk variant looks quite good on ears & it has a matte finish to it, These are one the most cool looking earphones we have used till now, these pair of earphones are attention grabber.

Urbanista Tokyo is built well and has a snug fit in your ears,and don’t fall off even when you doing intensive physical tasks, they weigh in at 22.5 grams and they feel very light on ears. These are also IPX4 Water Splash & Sweat Resistance, which means you can use it in the Gym or while exercising.

There are very few earphones that look quite good and are tough, In our testing these earphones fell on the ground many times and they still work perfect and hardly have any scuffs / scratches, which means they are of real;y high quality.

Audio Quality, Microphone & Sound IsolationUrbanista Tokyo

The Audio output via the Urbanista Tokyo is loud & clear in our Opinion, We also noticed the sound balance is good as it offers crisp audio, although it has a average bass, but good enough for listening to electronic music, etc. But people who like to listen to Melody & instrumental music will love the sound quality.

The microphone is excellent , we get clear audio while making and receiving calls. Sound isolation on these earphones is good & almost isolates most of the sound around you and you only get the actual audio.

Operations & Battery Life Urbanista Tokyo

Operating the earphones is very simple , you just need to remove both the earphones from the charging case and they will turn on automatically – the Left earphone will pair with the Right earphone, and the Right earphone will go into pairing mode (In Paring mode the lights will blink in red and blue) and the you can connect the earphone with your phone

The Earphones took around 2 hour to get fully charge , We got around 4 hours of battery life with the earphone, at  80 percent volume level and we think its good enough, considering the fact that, one can get around 22-24 hours of playback time with the charging case.

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Urbanista Tokyo

The Urbanista Tokyo has a Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity and you get a range of around 10ft (30 metres) which is quite good,you can put your phone in the Living room, and use these in your kitchen or rooms separated by one wall, etc, without distortion or connectivity loss. 


If you are a person who likes fashion and want to get the best music experience and good connectivity range with a stylish looking a product this is for you.