FiiTii HiFiPods

FiiTii HiFiPods


Build Quality


Looks & Design


Sound Output


Call Quality


Battery Life



  • Excellent for Calls
  • Good for Bass Music
  • Easy to Operate
  • Fair Enough Battery Life
  • IPX7 Water Proof Rating


  • No App for Sound Customisation

What is special about the FiiTii HiFiPods ?

FiiTii HiFiPods

The FiiTii HiFiPods has a unique design, it looks quite premium, it has a nice spider web pattern on its earbuds and the case has a round form factor with a shiny finish to its body, Every part of these earphones is made of 7x aeroMetal which is the key material used on the bear component of the airbus.

In terms of sound quality, we have some top-notch sound drivers, that will give excellent output, we have two options for earphones, one with [1 Dynamic and 2 Balanced Armature] and the other with a single [Dynamic and Balanced Armature Drivers].

These Earphones are great for calls too, this is backed by the fact that it has some really cool noise cancellation tech like Environmental noise cancellation, Wind Noise Terminator, etc.

Build and Design of the FiiTii HiFiPods

FiiTii HiFiPods

Taking a first look at the FiiTii HiFiPods, you will feel that these earphones are futuristic, that’s because, the nice LED on the earbuds and the super cool UFO type case, with the rounded form factor and tactile button to open the case, we have a USB-C charging port at the rear, the earbuds have a cool looking spider web design pattern.

These earbuds weigh in at 5.5 grams per unit, which is good in our opinion, given the fact that these earbuds are made of AeroMetal, you can just put on your ear and wear it all around, now taking about water resistance, we do have the IPX7 Water resistance, so that you use these near the swimming pool and also at the gym, talking about comfort these earbuds are a snug fit into your ears.

The earbuds have stacked up 4 PCBs in such small housing of the earbuds, which is definitely a challenge to get a precise level to juggle the sound quality, the configuration, and the overall design.

Sound Quality on the FiiTii HiFiPods

FiiTii HiFiPods

This earphone comes in two configurations, one with [1 Dynamic and 2 Balanced Armature] and the other with a single [Dynamic and Balanced Armature Drivers]. All thanks to the Hybrid Driver Integration Technology, the HiFiPods outputs an amplified tune, a nice and clear output, and an instrument-liked performance.

The sound is output is very bass focussed, one will love the listening experience of songs that are heavy on the bass and have pumping sounds, there is hardly any distortion at full volume levels. The multiple drivers help in delivering a wider sound stage, the vocals come out to be very clear over the strong bass background. Overall the HIFIPods give a nice 3D sound with high bass, balanced mids, and crystal clear vocals.

We would have been glad to see an App for Sound EQ customization, but given the fact that most people are happy with the default EQ settings and rarely use the App, it is not a big deal, but some people like to customize the sound according to their own hearing preferences.

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Call Quality & Connectivity on the FiiTii HiFiPods

FiiTii HiFiPods

These Earbuds are known for their superb noise cancellation features and this makes up to be great earbuds for Online School or Work from Home. In terms of connectivity, we have the latest Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity which gives a better range of around 10 Metres and supports the Bluetooth codecs: SBC/AAC/APT-X, and the Bluetooth protocol: A2DP/AVRC/HFP/HSP/SPP, now all of these configuration offers a super stable connection, low power consumption and faster frequency transmissions, which means better music experience overall.

The ANC on these earbuds is quite impressive, it’s also very easy to switch between the strong, mild, and transparent modes. These earbuds have a -40dB active noise canceling through the customized active filter, we also have the ENC [Environmental Noise Cancelling], which helps is crystal clear phone calls.

Battery Life and Charging on the FiiTii HiFiPods

FiiTii HiFiPods

The earbuds have different playback times, and it depends on the mode we use, generally, we get around 7-8 hours of hearing time, but when using the ANC, the time reduces, which is expected, as the earbuds use more power to cut down the noise, Each earbud has a 55 Mah of battery, and while using Strong ANC, we get around 5h of playback time, on the hear through mode (Transparency Mode) , we get around 5 hours and when using the Light ANC mode [Normal Mode] we get around 7-8 Hours of playback time.

Taking about the charing, the earbuds takes 2 hours to get charged, and with the case of the earbuds we get about 70 hours of total usage time, the charging case has a 1000 Mah battery capacity.

Operation of the FiiTii HiFiPods

FiiTii HiFiPods
  • Volume+ : Tap right earbud 1 time
  • Answer/Hangup phone call : Double tap left/right earbud
  • Play/Pause music – Double tap left/right earbud
  • Low latency mode: Tap left/right earbud for 5 times
  • Mild noise cancelling [Transparency mode] : Press left earbud for 1S
  • Strong noise cancelling: Press left/right earbud for 1S


The HiFiPods are great for daily use, especially for calls, these earbuds would be great for Students and working professionals who require to use the earbuds for longer periods of time and attend multiple calls, and also have a relatively long battery life.