Teslar watch

Is this age of digitization ultimately good or bad for society? Now that’s a Important question to think about.

In this fast-paced world we are constantly exposed to electromagnetic fields. Our jobs require us to always keep using computers, mobile phones, Wi-Fi, Television and Tablets.

These devices never sleep and as a result, neither do we! They end up upsetting our brain and nervous system function, sabotaging our natural electromagnetic fields. Exposure to electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields (EMF), if they are strong enough, can lead to a lot of health damage.

Created from the need to protect the global community from the dangers of man-made electromagnetic radiation that emerge from everyday technology, TESLAR Watches encourage consciousness and heightened awareness towards a greater well-being. The collection comes equipped with innovative technology designed to resist the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation.

Inspired by the philosophy of yoga, it may reduce the negative effects of stress and enhance the immune response. When worn on the left wrist, it transmits the wave to your body’s energy and ultimately help to create a biofield with more coherency, strength and a greater breadth of frequency.

TESLAR watches house the perfect marriage of American technology and Swiss precision. They feature an ELF nanotech chip that works in sync with the quartz movement and the battery of the watch to replicate Earth’s natural frequency.

When connected with this frequency, the body can restore, revitalize and heal itself more effectively from the adverse effects of artificial electromagnetic pollution.

Some Features of the TESLAR Watch.

For the rugged yet stylish

The minimalistic yet conceptually disruptive Re- Balance T-1 watches for men come with a 40mm diameter case in a polished stainless steel, IP rose gold or in a gray satin-finish. The two-level dial in the center is embellished with a sunray finish allowing the backdrop to the baton hands, indexes and Arabic numerals.

For the bold and sporty

The Re-balance T-1 Chrono Sport is combination of vintage details and state of the art technology. The XL case (44 mm diameter) comes in a sanded stainless steel or IP black colour. The oversized crown also features a knurling as the dial, pump buttons and a convex glass. The watches sport a dark blue or black fiber rehaut with large Arabic numeral seconds hands in the centre, contrasting with the wave pattern n the two-level dial.

Sophistication and style redefined

The Re- Balance T-1 Chrono is a three counter chronograph with a 42 mm diameter case in a polished steel or IP rose gold colour. The two-level dial in the centre comes with a wave pattern that results in a striking sunray effect.

Minimal yet chic

The ideal combination of minimalism and chic, the Re- Balance T-1 Lady offers more with its 36 mm polished stainless steel, IP rose gold or two-tone case. It also comes with a version featuring a diamond studded bezel, making it even more stylish. Its two-level dial is the definition elegance while the constantly turning 3D triangular seconds hand is a unique detail that catches the eye.

 An amalgamation of the mind, body and soul

A perfect amalgamation of the mind, body and soul, the Re- Balance T-2 comes in the IP rose gold coloured “Seed of Life” pattern applied to the dial in mother of pearl, black or dark blue enamel. The hour and minutes hands stand out against the center of the seven circles, emphasizing a sense of balance and the 3D triangular small seconds hand is harmoniously incorporated in between.

At an initial price of INR 41,495, the collection is available on TESLAR Website and on TATA CLIQ Luxury

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