DynaYak N35

DynaYak N35 Power Station


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Battery Performance


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  • Great Build Quality
  • Fully Water Proof
  • 50,000 Hours Service Life
  • Intelligent BMS System
  • Multiple Charging Options


  • A bit heavy

The orgin of the DynaYak Brand

What does even N35 mean in the Power Station?

Just in case you are wondering, Why does the power station has the name N35? Thats because, the North latitude 35, is one of the most difficult route to cross in the world, It’s about 500 KM to cross Hoh Xil and we need to keep moving west along the north latitude under Kun Lun mountain, where there’s the largest no-man’s land of China, Chang Tang. There’s about 1,700 KM toward the west along north latitude, hence with such hardships and better preparation one has to cross the N35, and this signifies the perseverance of the Power Station.

What is special about the DynaYak N35 Power Station?

DynaYak N35 is the world’s first waterproof portable power station that you can carry with you wherever you go. the reason being this gadget can handle tough conditions like rain, wind, dust, and snow. Furthermore, this waterproof power station even works when it’s as low as -40℃ and as high as 50℃. Moreover, it works even when it’s 5,000
meters above sea level. With an IP67 antifoaming waterproof rating, it provides you with safe, reliable power no matter where you go.

Impressively, the N35 works even if it is submerged in water. An ideal power supply for camping, expeditions, adventures, and van life, it provides up to 1800 watts of power. Additionally, it has an aluminum shell and antivibration technology. With a 1,200 Wh battery pack, it’ll support all your off-the-grid adventures. Finally, it supports a variety of charging methods and keeps all your necessary gadgets powered up on the go.

What do you get in the box of DynaYak N35?

  1. DynaYak N35 Power Station
  2. Wood Package for Carrying the power station
  3. Car Charge Cable [1.5M]
  4. Power Outlet Cable [1.5M]
  5. DC 12V/24W Output (Car Plug & Socket) [1M]

Build and Design of the DynaYak N35 Power Station

DynaYak N35

This power station is build extremely well, it is build to withstand rough weather and usage conditions, to the top left of the power station, we can see the brand logo and the model number [N35] at the top right of the power station, the top surface of the power station has a nice pattern which looks good, to the rear side we see Air vents, so that the Air circulation is better and the power station can perform much better.

To the front side we have the sockets and charging ports, the power station weighs in at 19 Kgs or 42 Lbs, which in our opinion is a bit heavy, but again considering the fact that this has a rugged design, the weight is justified. The housing is made of aerospace-grade Aluminum material. With a special surface pattern and rounded angle design, the shell is helpful to reduce the impact and protect the inner structure from shock or fall.

Some of the Key Features of the DynaYak N35

Some of the key features of this power station are:

  1. Water Proof: This power station is water proof, which means that you can be worry free about its maintenance and can take with you for your camping adventures, this power station has a IP67 antifoaming waterproof rating.
  2. Withstand extreme weather conditions: This power station can work in any weather condition , be it 50 degree celsius super hot day or even in a freezing cold -40 Degrees, With the free convection cooling solution and partitioned thermal control, N35 assures an even temperature inside the unit. The reliable components assure strong endurance in high-temperature weather. 
  3. Can work under submerged water: This is a very Unique feature, and would be a great feature for people who love to travel in Boats and go fishing.
  4. Very Long Service Life: This power station gives upto 50,000 Hours of Service life, thats a lot of hours of service.
  5. Heavy Duty Power: With 1200Wh capacity and 1800W AC output, N35’s advanced battery pack system enables you to power heavy-duty outdoor appliances and tools. The peak output is up to 3000W.

DynaYak N35 – Quick Overview Video

How many times the basic home gadgets can be powered ?

DynaYak N35
  • Smartphone : 65 Times
  • Camera: 45 Times
  • Laptop [80W] : 15 Times
  • Drone [60W] : 20 Times
  • Electric Drill : 3.5 Hours
  • Electric Cooking Grill [1500W]: 0.6 Hours
  • Projector [220W]: 5.5 Hours
  • Logging Saw [500W] : 2 Hours
  • Leaf Blower [100W] : 11 Hours

Battery & Performance of the DynaYak N35 Power Station

This Power station is build quite well, so does the Low-Temperature Li-ion Battery inside it, it is Equipped with a high-performance Battery Management System [BMS], and with high low-temperature resistance, the N35 is essential for adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts., this power station can also be fully submerged in water and still can work properly, now that is quite impressive.

DynaYak N35

The Smart BMS system offers the Battery, the Over Voltage, Under voltage, Over Current, Short Circuit, High temperature, low temperature, Pre-Charge Protection, etc. So overall the battery pack inside this power station has a good protection against any odds that may happen.

DynaYak N35 Charging Options

The DynaYak N35 is equipped with many different port options, which can be used to charge multiple device at once, the available ports are:

  • 3 x AC Output [110V / 220V] Ports
  • 2 x Fast-charging USB-C 45PD Port
  • 2 x USB-A Port [Quick Charge [18W]
  • 1 x DC 12V-24V Output Port

The N35 power station is designed to be charged via many options, Such as :

  • Connect to your Car charger [120W] : 10 Hours to Charge
  • Charge via Solar panels 120W [10 Hours to Fully Charge] : To be Purchased Separately
  • Charge via Wall outlet [275W] : [5 hours to fully Charge]
  • Quick Charger 650W [ 2 Hours to Fully Charge] : To be Purchased Separately

DynaYak also offers a 120W solar panel that has a foldable design. It features portable and IP67 water resistance. It has a 21.5% energy conversion efficiency. And you can connect five solar panels with N35 to achieve up to 600W input. The folded solar panels can be put into the N35 packing box and the packing box can hold 3x 120W solar panels.

DynaYak Public Activity to Hoh Xil Nature Reserve