Abramtek E600

Abramtek E600


Built & Design


Sound Quality




Battery Life & Charging



  • Very Loud
  • Thumping-Bass Effect
  • Stylish Design
  • Led Light for Ambience
  • Portable Form Factor


  • Slow Charging via 5V Charger

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What`s so good about Abramtek E600?

There are very few speakers in the market, that look really stylish and at the same time sound amazing. We came across one such speaker, the Abramtek E600.

These speakers go hand in hand with your home decor and add beauty to your TV setup. We have tested many speakers till now and many of those were good too, but none of them matched the beauty & sound performance of these speakers.

We connected a pair of these speakers to our TV setup, and they produced amazing sound, listening to music on these was so fulfilling. Especially the bass music was just fantastic.

Abramtek sells the E600 speakers individually, but we would suggest you, get a pair of these speakers and connect them together to use it with your TV setup, as they sound much better.

What do you get inside the box pack

Unboxing the Speaker box pack, you get the following

  • Abramtek E600 Speakers
  • 3.5mm Audio Cable
  • USB Charging Cable
  • User Manual

Design & Build of Abramtek E600

Abramtek E600 Design

These are one of the most coolest & stylish Bluetooth speakers out there you can buy, they seem to be costly by its premium look, but these costs way less than what a premium speaker costs, plus they sound like a premium speaker too.

The speaker has a cool looking purple color grill to its top, which adds to the overall aesthetics, the cylindrical shape allows it to have a slim and tall form factor and it fits anywhere easily.

we also do have a soft led light built into the speaker, which adds an ambiance to the place it is in, specially it looks amazing with your home decor, you can even use this speaker as a showpiece in your house.

Functions of Abramtek E600

Abramtek E600 Functions

To the top of the speaker, we have 4 buttons, through which the functions of speaker can be controlled, We have a button for Increasing the volume, decreasing the volume, play/pause button, and a dedicated button for bass boost and better surround sound effect.

These speakers have Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity and give a perfect stable range up-to 20 meters distance. As nowadays many party speakers come with a Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, we wish these speakers also had it, but again, you really can ask for more, as it already offers a lot for the price it sells for.

Sound Quality of Abramtek E600

These are 100W Bluetooth speakers that offer super loud volume levels, they can easily fill sound in your backyard, leave alone your room. These are by far the best premium looking Bluetooth speakers we came across that sound good.

These speakers give amazing bass effect, and you would love to listen to electronic and bass-thumping music in these speakers, Watching action movies with these speakers is crazy,, the detailed sound effect that you get out of these is really unmatched at the price they sell for.

Abramtek E600 : Sound Quality Demo

According to Abraamtek, These speakers have a patented technology called the “Dual Pressure Air Compression [DPAC] technology”, that creates a super bass effect. This driver configuration combined with the air pressure delivers a full range thundering bass from the passive radiator.

You can also connect a pair of the speakers and get that [TWS], True wireless stereo effect, this can be done via Bluetooth pairing or by connecting both the speakers together using a 3.5mm audio cable.

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Battery Life on the Abramtek E600

These speakers have an 8800Mah lithium-ion battery, that gives a playback time of around 4 hours with good volume levels, This charges via 5V connection, which we feel is a bit slow and it takes some to get charged.

But we can use a 15W wall adaptor or higher rated charging adaptors to get better charging speeds, than the normal charger.

If you use these speakers with your TV, you would have it plugged in and use it, hence this makes no difference, but this can be a concern for people using it as a portable speaker, as generally, we want our gadgets to get charged quickly.


We have praised this speaker enough now, one might think, are they that good? We would say definitely yes, for the price these speakers sell for, the sound quality and design is unmatched, this makes a great gift for anyone who loves to listen to electronic, bass-thumping music.

Image Credits: Some Images shown in this article are taken from Abramtek Website.