So Recently I Visited this Pure Vegetarian Thali Restaurant (UTSAV By Manbhavan) in VR Mall , Chennai . 

We had a Birthday Party There , Which Went not as Planned and we regret Choosing this restaurant for a Birthday Party . Here`s What happened

Reservation ! 

Called Restaurant , Multiple Times – They Took all details , And told will Call back this happened two times , they didn’t got back  , So decided to directly go there and talk with the Official of ( UTSAV by Manbhavan ) to confirm the same .

As we had around 25-30 Guests , it was Necessary to make sure that ,all is good . So After Discussion the Restaurant gave us a Time of 9PM To 11PM  . We Said Ok and Left .

Guests at Restaurant

So Our Guests Slowly Started Coming in the Restaurant , and were getting seated , as in our guest list there were few Elderly People we asked the restaurant to serve food to them as its Thali , So its a individual thing , but the restaurant denied stating we will serve when everyone is here , We said ok to it . 

The guests Settled in few minutes and We Cutted the Cake and asked the Restaurant guys to serve it along the thali which they agreed to , but the cake never came to anyone . Even Until Guests leaving the (UTSAV by Manbhavan) Restaurant .

When I Inquired about the same ,  then they came and gave it , which was no use because guests had their food in hurry ( Reason in Next paragraph) and then no one was eating a cake so late .

Guest Felt Awkward Due to Over Booking and other People coming in !

So as We Were given the time of 9 PM to 11 PM Slot ( After Confirming So many times with the Restaurant) for our Birthday party , They Overbooked the restaurant .

So in our time after Cutting the Cake and all , It was Around 9:45 Pm and When our guests were served the thali and they started eating , The Other People who came to Restaurant were allowed to get inside , instead of telling them to wait . The people Started to come and Stand behind our Chairs , Which was Awkward and the time was 10:20 PM ! and not even 11PM as Confirmed with the Restaurant !

And Forcefully , Our guests Got up from their seats and started to leave in between of food  because of Awkwardness caused by the other people standing behind them .

And the Manager was not helpful at all . Moreover Cake also didn’t came till last and only few of them got it , as i reminded the manager of the Same .

Thali Menu 

As you can see from the Above Image , there are Lot items in the thali and it is also a bit Costly its priced at Rs.499 Normal Thali and Rs.299 for Child Thali . No doubt the Menu looks Pretty good and items offered are amazing . But the Mis-Management ruined the whole Experience . 

Food Quality

The Food Quality was Amazing and it had Authentic Rajisthani Taste , 10/10 for the Food But without a Good Service , I am not stepping into ( UTSAV by Manbhavan ) Restaurant Again .

The Food Presentation and all other parameters were good but again as said above without proper Service and Management . Its Totally Worthless . I Havent had such a awful experience before with any restaurant before !

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Hand Wash with Rose Water

This also only handful of people got to Experience as due to overbooking there was less space and our guests were pissed off with the service and left the Restaurant


A highly Pissed off Customer who had to pay a good amount for the Food but in return he got a Highly Mis- Managed Pathetic Service , Even , If in Case you are looking to Host a Party in this Restaurant , We would not suggest it at all , Rest its your Choice !