Chennai is a place where you find a variety of food and cuisine to choose from. Many of us would have heard about South East Asian food and would have loved to try one. But often, we don’t find any good spots in our city to try this different cuisine.

What if I told you there is a restaurant located in the heart of Chennai city offering authentic South East Asian food? Yes, you heard it right. Southeast Asian food in our Chennai city!

We were invited by Soy Soi, a southeast Asian Restuarant to check out the restaurant and their cuisine. In this article, we will share our experience at Soy Soi, Chennai which could help you make a decision before visiting the food joint.


Soy Soi is located in one of the busy areas of Chennai i.e., Kotturpuram. The restaurant is painted in a striking red and black color which makes it easy to identify amidst many buildings. Soy Soi is located on the first floor and the ground floor is occupied by Savya Raysa, a South Indian restaurant.

Upon entering, you will find beautiful wall decors and decorative lights make it more attractive. Inside the restaurant, the first thing that will attract you is the huge piece of wood. You might be wondering what a huge piece of wood is doing there. The huge chunk of wood serves as a table for many people.

Moving on, to the right you will find the kitchen where the hot food is prepared. The walls are decorated with beautiful large chandeliers making it more attractive. The tables are well furnished and the lighting is pretty good.

Overall, the ambiance of Soy Soi is great and you will love it.


We tried out only Vegetarian food at Soy Soi and here’s what we felt about vegetarian cuisine. Each dish is unique by itself and in fact, it was difficult for us to remember the names of the dishes.


Citrus Cucumber
Iced Millo

At first, we were greeted by two welcome drinks, Iced Milo, and Citrus Cucumber. The latter i.e., Citrus Cucumber is the signature mocktail of Soy Soi. As the name suggests, it is a healthy drink and it tasted quite good. The former i.e., Iced Milo tasted great and the blend of chocolate and Milo was perfect. Between the two, we liked Iced Milo and we recommend you try it.


Lentil Soup

We tried out the soup of Soy Soi named Lentil Samosa Soup. As the name suggests, the soup is topped with crisp Samosas. When it comes to taste, it was just decent. You can try it once.


Crispy lotus

We then tried out a few vegetarian starters of Soy Soi and here’s what we felt about the starters. At first, we tried out Shanghai-styled Crispy Lotus. The starter is made of Lotus stem dipped in cornflour, deep-fried and served hot.

Sambal Jamur/ Satay Tao Hoo Isaan

Next up, we tried Sambal Jamur/ Satay Tao Hoo Isaan which essentially means Grilled Oyster Mushroom. Last but not the least that we tried was Clear Dumplings which is again the Signature Dish of Soy Soi and it was the best among the lot.

Clear Dumplings

The dumplings are transparent and contain Carrot, Beans topped with Coriander leaves. It is best tasted with Black Pepper and Salsa sauce.

Our Ratings
Crispy Lotus: 4.75/5
Sambal Jamur: 4/5
Clear Dumplings: 4.5/5

Soy & Chilli Sauce

Main Course

Soy Soi has a variety of main course dishes to choose from and we tried quite a few dishes and here’s what we felt about the same.

Rendang Padang

When it comes to the main course, at first, we tried a dish named Rendang Padang Jackfruit which is an Indonesian dish. It tastes good and served with Coconut Rice. The Jackfruit was well cooked and it tasted great. Don’t forget to try the dish along with Coconut Rice.

Khow Swey

Next up, we tried the Signature Main Course Dish of Soy Soi. It is named Khow Swey which is a combination of Noodles topped with crisps, lemon, vegetables, flakes, and more. All of these are dipped in a Vegetable Curry, mixed and eaten. Khow Swey tasted great and is a must recommended dish.

Our Ratings

Rendang Padang: 4/5
Khow Swey: 4/5


Ice Cream

We finally ended our day with Soy Soi Sphere which is a famous dessert in the restaurant. As the name suggests, Sphere from Soy Soi comes in a large bowl with a sphere-shaped Chocolate ball. It is then topped with Hot Cholocate which looks amazing. When it comes to taste, we liked it a lot and it was excellent. Don’t forget to try this restaurant when you visit Soy Soi.

Our Take

Soy Soi is a bold attempt and one of a kind restaurant offering South East Asian food in Chennai. The pricing is moderate and it is justified by the taste of the dishes that Soy Soi offers. Soy Soi gets a thumb up from our side and if you would like to try different cuisine amidst the regular dishes, then this restaurant is a must-try.

Never Ever Waste Food

PS: We all Eat Many dishes when we go to eat at a Restaurant and often we waste a lot of leftover food, which is thrown away by most of the restaurants. But Soy Soi Restaurant was Courteous enough to pack our leftover food, And we Gave the Leftover food (Served by the Waiter) to the Homeless People on the Street and Man, The happiness I saw on their faces was Just Amazing.

We Encourage All our readers to ask the Restaurant and Pack the leftover food and bring Smile on Homeless People’s faces!

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