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Overall we liked all the products of NativeSpecial website, there are many more Snacks, sweets and edible products that you can check out from their website, We hope you like our article if so do share it with your friends and family and support Indian Business #VocalForLocal.


India being such a diverse country has a variety of delicacies and foods, each part of India has something special that everyone loves to eat, that’s where came across an Online store for Native Foods.

About Native Special

As the name suggests its something related to our native places and the special food delicacies about them. We have been using the NativeSpecial website from the past 6 months or so to order food products such as pure chekku oils, Country Sugar (Nattu Sakarrai), etc.

We have been extremely happy with the customer service and the products, this article is written on basis of our experience with the same, We would encourage others also to check them out and support #VocalForLocal by purchasing products from them and supporting local business.

Also for those NRIs (Non-Resident Indians), who crave Native Sweets and Snacks, you would be happy to know that, NativeSpecial ships their products to most countries in the world.

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NativeSpecial Snacks & Sweets

Nellai Palm Jaggery Ghee Mysorepak – நெல்லை கருப்பட்டி நெய் மைசூர்பாக்


This Palm Jaggery Mysorepak is made with original Palm Jaggery from the regions of Papanasam and Thoothukudi. The specialty of this sweet is its Grand and unique taste. As the sweetener used is Palm Jaggery it gives a unique taste and flavor, thus providing a better taste than the regular Mysore Pak made with white sugar. Though it is not a traditional sweet the addition of traditional sweetener Palm Jaggery makes it healthier. A perfect grand sweet for Kids, Adults, and Gifting purpose.

Nellai Palm Jaggery Ghee Mysorepak – நெல்லை கருப்பட்டி நெய் மைசூர்பாக்

We really loved it, as its made of (Palm Jaggery / Panangaruppatti), Calorie-conscious & Diabetic people can be worry-free and eat the same, the taste is actually better than the MysorePak we get in stores, The packing was on point, kudos to Native Special Team, We haven’t seen a better packaging for a Ghee sweet before.

Our Rating:  10/10

Kallakurichi Chinna Vengaya Murukku (Small Onion Chakli)


Chinna Vengayam (Small onion) has numerous health benefits. Chettiyar community from Kallakkurichi started making this unique kind of Murukku using the paste made of Chinna Vengayam (Small Onions). So far this is only made within families of Kallakurichi. Great snack for your coffee time.

Kallakurichi Chinna Vengaya Murukku (Small Onion Chakli)

This Murukku from NativeSpecial is very crunchy and super crispy, you get a taste of small onion in each bite you take, the oil used for making this snack is very good, we didn’t get any sort of throat irritation, which happens when we get snacks from local vendors as for keeping the price low, they tend to use lower quality products that not very good for health.

Our Rating: 9/10

Manalmedu Murukku (Handmade Chakli)

NativeSpecial Manalmedu Murukku (Handmade Chakli)

Manalmedu Murukku is the spiciest among the Murukku varieties. The thin rounded manalmedu murukku retains the taste of traditional murukku made in villages that every one of us might have tasted during our childhood.

Manalmedu Murukku (Handmade Chakli)

The Murukku/Chakkali was very fresh and crunchy, same as the Onion murukku, it also tastes quite good, although the spice level is medium, it will be great for people who don’t like a lot of spice and want to have a light snack.

Our Rating: 9/10

NativeSpecial Chekku Oils

Chekku Thengai Ennai ( “No Sulphur” Coconut Chekku Oil)

NativeSpecial Cocunut oil

This Thengai Ennei (Coconut Oil) is made with coconuts that are dried naturally. As most of the Coconuts that are used for getting Thengai Ennei was stored using Sulpher which is not a consumable product. But NativeSpecial brings you the purest Coconut oil made with Coconuts that are not chemically stored.

The coconut oil is pure and healthy, this can be used for cooking as well as applying in hair, we tried to make banana chips using this oil and it was a very good experience the taste was very similar to what you buy from big brand banana chips.

Our Rating : 10/10

Thooya Chekku Nallennai (“Pure Seasame” Chekku Oil)

NativeSpecial Sesame oil

“Nallennai” is made with Nattu Ellu and by adding original Karuppatti. The Healthiest oil of our tradition that should be part of our Kitchen.

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The Sesame oil is one of its kind, its healthy and tasty and goes with every dish, whether you are making dosa or adding it to podi, We had it with the Murungai (Moringa) podi and rice and it was really good.

NativeSpecial oils are made in chekku, which means they are only made in limited quantity and that to a lot of manual labor goes into it, as its a tedious process but this the traditional way of extracting oil and its pure.

Our Rating : 10/10

“Naatu kadalai” Chekku Kadalai Ennai (Ground nut Chekku Oil)

“Naatu kadalai” Chekku Kadalai Ennai (Ground nut Chekku Oil)

Traditional Kadalai Ennei made with Nattu Kadalai. Nattu Kadalai is the original traditional variety with the oil content that has a lesser percentage of Cholesterol. Use this Nattu Kadalai Oil for your family and kids to keep them healthy.

Groundnut oil is used in a lot of foods mainly for sauteing, deep-frying, grilling, etc because of its high smoke point, also it adds a tint of peanut flavor to your foods and they smell and taste amazing.

Our Rating : 10/10

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NativeSpecial Immunity Boosters

With the Current Pamdemic going on we must take care of ourselves and try to build our immunity to fight illness, thats where the below products can help you boost your immunity power.

Murungai Ilai Thotta Podi (Moringa Leaves Powder)

NativeSpecial Murungai Ilai Thotta Podi (Moringa Leaves Powder)

Murungai (Moringa) can easily be named as one of the best nutritional plants in the world. Murungai Tree is called a Magic tree around the world. Fortunately, we are blessed enough to have our soil fertile enough to grow more of Murungai trees in Tamil Nadu,  one of the very few regions in the world to do plantation of Murungai. This Powder is made from a traditional family in Kodi Thottam. It is made with all original organic items.

This product from NativeSpecial was the best Podi (Crushed powder) we ever had, it tasted so good, mix it with white rice and add a little Chekku kadalaennai (Groundnut oil) or Nallaennai (Sesame oil) and you will find your taste buds crave for it again and again, it’s healthy as well as tasty, which is a rare combination.

Our Rating: 9/10

Neem leaves soup powder- நில வேம்பு சூப் பொடி

NativeSpecial Neem leaves soup powder- நில வேம்பு சூப் பொடி

In the world of Siddha, Neem is a popular medicinal herb that’s been part of traditional remedies that date back almost 5000 years. Nilavembu has become popular after the serious prevalence of Dengue fever.

This Neem leaves soup powder contains the most useful ingredients.  Which helps us to prevent all types of viral infections/fevers. In Siddha, Medicine Nilavembu recommended for prevention and management of all types of infections.

Neem is known as the plant for its medicinal benefits, also known as nilavenmbu powder, which is given for boosting immunity in our bodies and help us in prevention from the common cold and other illness. It tastes bitter but that’s how medicines are, Drinking it at least once a week will help you in being healthy.

This comes packed well in a plastic bottle with a shelf life of around 18 months, Using it is quite easy just add 25 grams of powder with 500 ml water & boil it until it evapourates up to 125 ml and drink 50ML of the potion once. We have been using it for quite a long time and its also recommended by many ayurvedic doctors too.

Our Rating : 9/10

“Kabasura Kudineer” கபசுர குடிநீர்

NativeSpecial “Kaba Sura Kudineer” கபசுர குடிநீர்

“Kaba Sura Kudineer” is one of the best Siddha Medicine recommended for any virus infection, cold, fever, cough, etc., it gives excellent immunity power to the human body.

This is also an immunity booster that comes packed in a well-packed plastic bottle with a shelf life of 1 year, that will help fight virus and infections, as expected the taste is bitter but, while we enjoy all the crispy and crunchy snacks and sweets, a bit of bitterness is good for the body, Same as neem powder, we are taking this to improve our immunity power.

Our Rating : 10/10

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Overall we liked all the products of, they have good logistics, the products are delivered fast & their customer service team responds to your queries quickly which we liked. There are many more Snacks, sweets and edible products that you can check out from their website, We hope you like our article if so do share it with your friends and family and support Indian Business #VocalForLocal.

Note : Images that are rounded are taken from NativeSpecial Website.