First of all, you need to analyze your blog Niche, what actually your blog has to offer the Visitors.


If you analyze it properly then, you will get the key to bring a good amount of traffic to your blog

In general, if you need to follow these steps to achive your goal

1.Write an Attractive Title for your blog post
2. Decide and Focus Keyword, which the visitors are looking for on Search engines, you can do this by some free tools like, Google Adwords, or some paid tools like Smerush and LogTail pro, to get the perfect results
3. Then use that keyword 7-8 times (Per 1000 words) in your post, Remember to use all the heading tags.
4. Write a blog post in about 1000 words and above, because Search engines love content, it will help you rank in search engine results
5. Use Social Media Like Facebook, Twitter, etc . they bring in a ton of traffic is utilized properly Create an FB page, post content and share it as much as you can, share it with your friends and Your groups and other places you feel, But don’t Overdo it, Because it can make your Readers think you are spamming them
6. Use Youtube, it helps a lot in creating a brand, it gives you great backlinks to your blog, makes yourself an introduction video, uploads it, and try to make videos on a blog post you write it just simple as that, just shooting a Vlog, based on your blog post, and mentions all the necessary links to your blog, FB page, etc so that people can see it and click your link and visit your blog
7. Blog Commenting : This is the by far most easy way to bring traffic to your site , you just need to comment on others blog as much as you can , which will in return give you backlinks, which will help you rank in search engine and bring traffic
8. Try to Bring as much as organic traffic, which means through a search engine, write posts of things that are not on the internet, like Tech tutorials and other stuff, Because many people use the internet to gain knowledge
9. Guest posting: ask your blogger friends to guest post on your blog on different topics related to the niche , which will bring more organic traffic to your blog
10. Read, Read and Read a lot of forums like Quora, Warrior forum, Digital point forum, and many others and search for your niche questions a try to make a blog post off of it and paste the link in the answer section it will bring a good amount of traffic to your blog