Are you looking for an instant healthy breakfast meal that everyone will love ? The answer is Ragi dosa ! its Highly Nutritious,  high in dietery fibre, calcium & iron, Ragi aka finger millet flour is gluten free, easily digestible  It is popular down South and many families incorporate it in their daily meals in some form or the other

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Ragi Batter ( Mavu (Tamil) or Atta (Hindi))

Easiest Method to prepare it

  1. Take Ragi Flour – (300 Grams) – Else – According to  Quantity you want
  2. Mix a cup of Rice flour
  3. Mix Some Water
  4. Mix both to make it semi-Liquid
  5. Add Cummin seeds , jeera , Diced Green Chillies , Little Pepper Powder , Some extra Masala ((if you want to add some Extra Flavour)
  6. Add Little Buttermilk ( Mor (Tamil) or Chaach (hindi) )
  7. Stir the Mixture well

Grind Pudhinia Chutney for Add-on


Method to make Dosa 😛 – Super easy

  1. Take a pan , let it heat in the Stove for a Minute
  2. Put some oil in the pan and spread it
  3. Take the batter in a Hollow Spoon (Karandi in Tamil) – Ghera Chammach in Hindi
  4. Pour the batter on the Pan in a Circular Manner
  5. Let it heat and become in white colour
  6. Turn the Other side and do the same
  7. Thats it , Your Ragi dosa is Ready


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