When it comes to food, Chennai is one of the top places that you should try and not miss the varieties that it offers. From street fast food to star hotels, it is known for a variety of cuisine.

There are quite a number of star hotels in Chennai, but not all catches the attention of the customer. On the other hand, there are some rich and luxury star hotels with some amazing styles.

I was invited to one such amazing hotel in Chennai . Yes, I was invited by The Residency by Crowne Plaza to taste & review their newly launched Cusine in there In House Resturant , The Residency. In this article, we will be reviewing The Residency by Crowne Plaza, Adyar Park in Chennai.


The first thing that one check for when entering any hotel is the ambiance. The ambiance is the most important part of a hotel which cannot be ignored. Crowne Plaza doesn’t fail to amaze us here with an amazing ambiance. The ambiance is very good with bright lights all over the place, paintings, decorative lights, ancient elements and more.

The moment you enter the hotel, you will be amazed to see how structured the construction is done with the proper organization all over the place. A warm welcome from the staffs, chefs just adds up to their amazing service.

The furniture used in The Residency is rich and premium and has a majestic look to it. There are small and large tables to accommodate all sizes of customers. You will not feel bored when inside The Residency. Thanks to the music band playing ear-pleasing music all along the time of the buffet.

The food section is well organized and there is a proper distinction between vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.Overall, the ambiance of The Residency by Crowne Plaza , Adyar Park is very good and I am sure you will love it too.


The The Residency by Crowne Plaza , Adyar Park is open from 12:30 PM to 3:00 PM for lunch and 7:30 PM to 11:00 PM for the dinner. When it comes to Cuisine, The Residency has quite a lot to offer. There are a number of cuisines available which includes North Indian, South Indian, Thai, Burmese, Chinese and more. There are    number of cuisine in total. Let us break down the cuisine on by one.

On Table Indication That you are a vegeterian – A Green Glass


The Residency by Crowne Plaza , Adyar Park has a good number of starters that includes both vegetarian and non vegetarian. For vegetarians, there is Dry Paneer, Veg Shammi Kabab, Gobi, Brocilli , chaat items and more. A choice of vegetarian and non vegetarian soup is also served along, which tastes really good.

I tried Brocilli Cheese Soup and to be honest, it was one the best soups I have ever tried.
Overall, the variety in starters is good and the same goes for the taste too.

North Indian

When it comes to North Indian cuisine, there is quite a number of dishes available at The Residency by Crowne Plaza , Adyar Park . Some of the dishes include Dal Makhni, Paneer Gravy, Aloo, Chole and more.

Chinese & Burmese Cusine

Desserts ( Buffet had Variety of Sweets)

Special South Indian Dessert – Payasam Aka Kheer

On entering The Residency by Crowne Plaza , Adyar Park , you will notice the deserts section to the left. It is organized well and you will find a lot of desserts choices to choose from. There is a wide variety that includes Mango Cheese Cake, Brownie, Chocolate Burfi and more. The desserts tasted good and we enjoyed tasting each one of them.

The Wine


The Residency by Crowne Plaza , Adyar Park is open from 12:30 PM to 3:00 PM for lunch and from 7:30 PM to 11:00 PM for dinner.


On entering The Residency by Crowne Plaza , Adyar Park , I was greeted by the manager and was introduced to the chef. The chef explained the menu that was going to be served for the day and he was courteous in explaining each and everything. The service offered was very good and the overall experience was great.

Our Verdict

The overall service, taste, and experience in The Residency by Crowne Plaza , Adyar Park is great and you will enjoy having a buffet there. If you live in Chennai and looking to try any star hotel, then do give Crowne Plaza a try and it gets a huge thumbs up from our side.

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Thanks to my friend Manoj From Techuneed.com for helping me with the Photos