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SØMLØS S1 - Robot Vacuum Cleaner


Design and Look


Cleaning Capablities


Working Time


Smartphone App


Build Quality



  • Fantastic Design
  • 2000 PA Suction Power
  • Uses LIDAR Sensors
  • Up to 120Min Working Time
  • Low Operating Noise


  • Current App is Buggy

Why SØMLØS S1 Robot Vacuum?

Robot vacuums have been a great home appliance to own, they make our lives so much easier, and due to its popularity, there are many robot vacuum brands available in the market today, ranging from $100 to even $1000, each of them almost does the same job, but then there are few of them which work very well, look premium and has great features, one such robot vacuum is the Somlos S1, that has a premium black matte finish, is built well and has AI Cleaning Capabilities.

Why do you get with the SØMLØS S1 Robot Vacuum?

  • Floor Mopping robot
  • Cleaning Tool
  • AC Adaptor
  • Docking Station
  • 1 * Hepa filter
  • 1 * Wet mopping water tank

SØMLØS S1 Robot Vacuum Specification

  • Suction power : 2000 PA
  • Charging time: 5 hours
  • Working Time: 90-120 min
  • Battery Capacity : 14.8V – 3200mAh Battery Cell
  • Robot Vacuum Size: 346*340*99 mm
  • Dustbin Capacity: 300 ml
  • Water Tank Capacity: 300 ml
  • Operarting Noise: > 68 DB

Cleaning Specifications

  • Main brush : 1 (V-shape)
  • Side brush: 2
  • Climbing ability: 1.8 cm
  • Cleaning Scheduling: Up to 7 days
  • Floor type: Wood/Tile/Carpet/Stone/Linoleum
  • Cleaning pattern: zig-zag cleaning route, specified area and spot cleaning


  • Anti collision sensor: 5 pairs
  • Anti falling sensor: 4 pairs

Key Features the SØMLØS S1 Robot Vacuum

Sensors and Cleaning Technology: The Somlos S1 uses an LDS laser mapping technology, which with the help of laser sensors helps the robot vacuum in avoiding any obstacles, on the way to cleaning, The AI Algorithm, and 360° LIDAR scanning scans the environment and creates a Map of the house and this helps in an efficient cleaning, also the Layout, running route & map is saved in the App, so that if we want, we can select the specific areas for cleaning, set up no cleaning zones, etc

Cleaning Patterns and Technology: The Somlos S1 uses a systematic cleaning pattern that allows the robot to vacuum and mop the house in the quickest way possible, all this is possible due to the advanced sensors and the AI Algorithm for Pattern cleaning, the robot uses the S-shape routes to navigate to uncovered areas and clean better while cleaning wed can see the real-time cleaning in the app, There is also an option to select the zone cleaning, which allows selecting specific areas that we want to robot to clean.

Vacuum – Mopping Capapablities: This Robot has a Nidec brushless motor, that has a suction power of 2000pa high while operating in the lowest noise, with the Integrated mopping functionality, we can make the robot, vacuum, and mop at the same time, We also do have a feature called Carpet Boost, which gets activated the robot senses the carpet and starts the deep vacuuming.

SØMLØS S1 Robot Vacuum Feature Video.

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SØMLØS Smartphone App.

We do have Apps for both Android and IoS, if you have ever used a Smart Robot Vacuum, which we presume you would have, the App is very similar to the Apps of many other robot Vacuums, that has a Map, we can select the areas to clean, set schedules for Vacuuming/Mopping, see real-time cleaning, set up cleaning schedules, etc.

Although this app is not quite perfect, it’s a bit buggy, with limited features, but that can be improved with the new versions of the app.


So, if you are wondering, Who would benefit from this product? We would say, anyone who wants to have a stylish-looking Robot Vacuum that jas a minimalistic design and gets along with your home decor, plus expects advanced features like LIDAR Sensors, AI Cleaning Patterns, High Suction Power, Smart App to control the robot vacuum, etc.