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How Small Business can add a personalized touch while serving their customers?

Many small business owners always think about the best possible ways to retain their customers and provide better service to them. Even though many customers would the store but how many come again? How can you give the best product packaging experience?

Simple steps such as personalized messages, Positive Quotes, etc. Creates a good bonding between the business and the consumers, to address the same, here we have the Nemonic Label printer, that can print sticky labels quickly and this can a good value to your products & business.

Why Nemonic Label Printer?

Why nemonic printer

Nemonic Label is a label printer that is targeted towards small business owners. The Printer can print both Label paper and sticky-notes. One can download the app provided by Nemonic Label and use various templates for your purpose. 

Store owners can print and produce name labels, nutrition labels, price labels, store logo labels, and customer appreciation messages, which can be attached to the products they sell. 

Office workers can print out exhibition name tags or business cards. 
They can also print out a simple memo written during the meeting as a sticky-note.  In addition, students and housewives can print label sheets for various useful purposes, such as organizing labels and managing grocery stores, etc.

What’s Inside the box of Nemonic Label?

The Unboxing experience of the Nemonic Label was minimalist, it is a simple box pack with minimal information given. The package contains thick and hard interior material which help to deliver the product safely to prevent damages. 

Box Contents
Box Contents
  • Nemonic Label
  • 3×2 water-resistant cartridge
  • Power cable
  • USB cable
  • User guide

Design & Looks of the Nemonic Label

Nemonic Label

The Nemonic label is small in size, it is approximately as big as the palm. Its compact and can easily fit anywhere. Many small shops dont have the space to keep regular printers, as the are little big in size, instead they can use a compact label printer like the Nemonic label printer.

Nemonic Label Printer Overview Video

How to use the Nemonic Label Printer ?

Below are the few steps you can follow to operate the Nemonic Label

  • Press the lever next to the Nemonic Label to open the lid. 
  • Put the 3×2 water-resistant cartridge provided in the box here and print it out. 
  • That’s it, it was that easy.

Nemonic Label offers a variety of cartridges such as transparent labels, name tag labels, water-resistant labels, and sticky-notes of various colors such as Blue/Pink/Yellow/White.

Nemonic Label Video Demo of Printing

In the video you can see the printer is printing our blog name [The Trendy Blog] tag in just few seconds.

Nemonic Label Printer App

Using the Nemonic App, one can easily print out various templates.
The Cartridges come in different sizes from 3×1 , 3×4 and name tag.
You can choose any template that fits your cartridge and use it. 

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Our Experience with the Printer

Name tag

We really liked Nemonic Label printer, although initially it has a slight learning curve, but it is very simple to use, so anyone can learn it to use easily. 

We used it as an organizing label to organize the kitchen and making us reminder Sticky notes. We liked the printing quality but, the printer only prints black and white and there is no support for color printing.


This is a useful compact label printer that many small business can use such as in cafes, restaurants, or Grocery shops,etc. It would be nice to print out the store name or product name on the packaging container or product. It is also effective for use as an organizing label at home.