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Build Quality


Sound Profile


Sound Customization




Sound Isolation



  • Tesla Valves for Cooling
  • Good Sound Isolation
  • Excellent Sound Customization
  • Comfortable & Snug Fit
  • Customizable Touch Controls


  • No Power On/Off Buttom

Why Nuraphone Headphones?

Nuraphone Design

The Consumer Electronics Market is flooded with lots of funky and good sounding headphones, but only a few stand out, one such is the Nuraphone, that we have with us, these are unique looking headphones, with some really interesting sound customization features.

What’s Inside the box of Nuraphone?

Nuraphone Accessories
  • Nuraphone Headphones
  • Soft travel case
  • Analog cable
  • USB-A charging cable
  • Multi-sized ear tips

Design & Fit of Nuraphone

These headphones look similar to the other headphones in terms of form factor, but they quite different while you wear them, unlike the normal headphones, which we wear on-ear or over-ears, and they cover our ears, but the Nuraphone is different, although it looks like a normal headphone, it has a hybrid in-ear style design, which gives these headphones a snug fit and helps in sound isolation too.

Nuraphone Comfort

The Nuraphone weighs in at around 329 grams and feels a bit heavy onto the head, but given its premium build quality, it is justified. The headband foam is soft and plush, even after wearing this for hours, we didn’t really felt, we were wearing a headphone.

Nuraphone Ports

In terms of charging, we do have a USB-C port, which is appreciated, given the fact the, nowadays most of the devices have USB-C charging. Also, these headphones have touch controls to the sides.

The over-ear cushion on the Nuraphone is made of up of high-quality foam and it feels quite comfortable while using it for long hours, We didn`t felt our ears getting warm due to the over-ear design, As this is quite common with many headphones, after wearing them for 1-2 hours you feel your ears getting warm, but surprisingly this was not the case with Nuraphone.

That’s when we go to know that, these headphones have small Tesla valves, that get the cool air from the bottom and release the hot air from the top.

Sound Quality & Isolation on the Nuraphone.

The Audio output via the headphones is loud & crisp, Even on loud volume, there is little to no distortion of sound. The Lows were excellent and the mids were good. We listened to a lot of EDM & Vocal Music on these and we are happy with its performance.

In terms of Noise isolation, we were not expecting much out these headphones, but when we tried it in different sound scenarios like wind, background hiss, etc, we were actually amazed.

When you wear these headphones the ear tips that go into the ears, gives the initial noise isolation plus the over-ear cups cover your whole ears and with the Active noise cancellation (ANC), these headphones block out most of the background noise and you can listen to your music in its original form.

Controls & Battery Life

The Nurphone have touch controls onto the sides of the headband, these controls can be configured with the app accordingly, there is no power button on these headphones.

But in usage, these headphones are supposed to be turned on automatically when your wear then and off you take them off, this worked 9/10 times but rarely this didn’t work, but kudos to the Nuraphone Engineers for the all the amazing efforts in making these headphones unique.

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Sound Customization Via App 

This is something, which we thought as just a random feature, but practically they work very well, when you first get your Nuraphone, you can download the Nuraphone App, wear the headphones and customize the sounds according to own preference.

Some features like the Immersion Mode helps you in customizing the level of immersion you want in your music, also there is something called Social Mode which can be enabled with tap and it allows to hear your surrounding, which is a really useful feature to have when you are traveling or at work.

Every person has different sound preferences, so we customized few sound profiles to test the difference, and Oh boy!, We didn’t expect this, but the difference is sound profiles of one person to another were quite distinct.


We feel Nuraphone headphones are a must-try, if you are someone who uses headphones or earphones a lot, say for work or for listing to music on regular basis, these headphones are engineered well and have some cool sound customization features that set it apart from the regular over-ear headphones in the market.