StillerSafe Zero Eye Strain Glass





  • Reduces Eye Strain
  • Improves Productivity
  • Privacy Feature (Smartphones)
  • Magnetic Screen


  • Laptop Screen cost can be less.

In today’s digital age we all stare at our screens all day long, be it for office work or using our smartphones & it tends to cause strain to our eyes, Stillersafe glass aims solve this issue with their innovative products.

According to the StillerSafe Website, its products are used by many organizations, which means that these products are trusted across the corporate companies and hence they work well.

Key Features of StillerSafe Glass

We are using the StillerSafe Zero Eye Strain Screen on our Laptop 

Reduces Eye Strain

Our experience with the same is quite good, we have been using the screen from past 2-3 months and we have observed reduced eye strain while using the laptop for long hours, which was not the case before, staring at the screen for 2-3 hour would lead to eye pain and dry eyes

Increases Productivity

Our Productivity has been definitely improved as we are now able to use the laptop for 5-6 hours without having eye strain or taking a long rest break due to eye pain or headaches

Magnetic Screen

The Screen has magnetic strip applied to it and it sticks to most of the laptops, but if your laptop screen doesn’t have magnets then you can stick the given small magnet pieces to your laptop screen and then the StillerSafe screen sticks to it easily, being magnetic we can stick and remove it as we want for cleaning the screen, etc

StillerSafe Zero Eye Strain Laptop Screen Unboxing

StillerSafe 5D Tempered Glass for Smartphones Unboxing

Design & Size

Matte Finish Screen

StillerSafe Matte screen

The Stillersafe Laptop glass comes in various sizes from 11.5 inches to 17-inch Laptop screen, which means the glass can be applied to almost all the laptops, be it a work laptop or a gaming laptop, the best part of the screen is, it has two sides of the screen one being a Matte finish and other Glossy finish.

Glossy Finish Screen

StillerSafe glossy screen

We can apply either side of the screens according to our preference, we liked the matte finish side as it was less reflective and suited our eye well.

The 5D tempered glass for mobile comes in different sizes, and fits perfectly onto your mobile screen and being a privacy lite screen, almost nothing is visible if seen from different angles, which is quite good considering the fact that we do a lot of tasks in our smartphones like banking, taking notes, etc that we don’t want other to peek into.


The Quality of the StillerSafe Safe Laptop screen is quite good, we have removed and reapplied the laptop screen many times just to clean it or use the other side of the screen, and still, the magnets still stick perfectly after removing many times.

The 5D tempered glass gets applied perfectly to the smartphone screen and it does not feel like we have applied a tempered glass, the touch works smoothly plus we get the privacy feature. The glass also does not attract a lot of fingerprints nor gets scratches easily.


In terms of pricing, we feel that the mobile 5D tempered glass is priced well but the laptop screen is a bit on the higher side, but considering the fact it reduces eye strain & helps in improving our productivity, one should definitely consider investing in the same.


Are you someone who works on a computer for long hours & use smartphone frequently or know someone who does it? StilleSafe Products are something one should consider gifting themselves.

Check out the StillerSafe Website for more information.