Motorola MH7023 Mesh WiFI

Motorola MH307 Mesh WiFi Router


Build Quality




Smart Features




MotoManage App



  • Good Speeds
  • Excellent Coverage
  • Easy to Use
  • MotoManage App
  • Good Network Security


  • Optional Pay for Advanced Features like Premium Parental Control

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Why Motorola MH7023 Mesh WiFi?

Motorola MH307 Mesh WiFI Design

We all use WiFi Routers, in today’s day and age of the internet, it would be a surprise if someone is not using it, with the increased usage, people using the internet are not satisfied with the speeds, connectivity, range of the router, and one of the main reason for these issues is old/obsolete networking hardware, such as Modems, WiFi routers, etc.

To solve such issues, we have the concept of Mesh WiFi, which works as an extended WiFi network via different child routers that take the signal from the main router and spread the signal mostly with minimal speed or latency loss.

Motorola MH307 Mesh WiFI Ports

The Motorola MH7023 Mesh WiFi Router [Main Router that gets connected to your ISP LAN cable or cable through your Internet Modem], has a WAN, LAN, WPS, and a power button, to its rear side.

Why do you get with the Motorola MH7023 Mesh WiFi?

Motorola MH307 Mesh WiFI Accessories

We have the 3 Pack Mesh Wi-Fi Set, and below is what you get with it

  • Main Router [Blue Color]
  • 2 Satellite routers [Green Color[
  • 3 Power Cables
  • 1 RJ45 LAN Cable
  • User Manual

Key Features of the Motorola MH7023 Mesh WiFi

  • Coverage: According to Motorola this is capable of delivering contact and reliable speeds in a 9000Sq Area.

  •  Tri-Band Technology: This provides a dedicated channel for your WiFi backhaul, enabling your router to give out the fastest Internet speeds possible while multiple devices are connected and being used simultaneously.

  • MotoManage App: The App is quite useful, as you can configure your WIFi router in a few steps with the app and tinker with the settings according to your own preferences.

  • Optimized WiFI Channels: The WiFi Router seamlessly directs your traffic to the best WiFi channel available to avoid any drop-offs, buffering, or latency issues, as this helps in better streaming and gaming experience over WiFI.

  • Easy WiFi Diagnosis: With the App, One can do proper wireless signal scanning, Check the WiFi Radio Status, See the Network Maps, and the Data Traffic Usage, and any Security Alerts, so that you always have control over your WiFi Usage.

  • Good Network Security: This Router offers good basic WiFi Security with an option to upgrade to premium parental controls and advanced security features for $4.16/month after a 30-day free trial.)

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Speed Test and Range of the Motorola MH7023 Mesh WiFi?

We have a 60Mbps Internet Connection and the speeds that we got via this router is quite good, previously we used the basic WiFI router given by the ISP with a WiFi Extender and our speeds were okay but not that great and there were a speed and range issues, now after connecting to this router, our experience has been good.

Let’s Compare Before and After using the Motorola Mesh WiFi Speeds.

Basic Router + ExtenderMotorola MH7023 Mesh WiFi Router
Near Router : 55 MbpsNear Router: 60 Mbps
1st Floor : 25 Mbps1st Floor: 59 Mbps
Garage : 10 MbpsGarage: 58 Mbps


The Motorola MH7023 is a good Mesh-WiFi that one should consider upgrading to, if you don’t already have a Mesh WiFi System or use old WiFI Routers, this will help in making your WiFi Experience much better, plus this product also comes with 2 Years of Warranty and good after-sales support whenever you need it.