Moosoo R4 Smart Features

Moosoo R4 LIDAR Robot Vacuum


Build Quality


Cleaning Capabilities


Smart Features


Battery & Charging



  • Good Build Quality
  • Many Accessories Included
  • Smart App Features
  • Auto-Charge & Resume
  • Quite Cleaning


  • Average Battery Life

Why Moosoo R4 Lidar Robot Vacuum?

There are many robot vacuums in the market ranging from basic to advanced at various budgets and feature set, but there are only few robot vacuums that comes in a budget price yet offers some excellent feature set, one such robot vacuum is the Moosoo R4 Lidar Vacuum, that has advanced sensors and good suction power that helps in good vacuuming.

What do you get with the Moosoo R4 Robot Vacuum?

Mooso R4 Accessories

We get a lot of accessories with the Moosoo R4 Robot vacuum, there are also extra accessories, just in case you require it afterward, as we don’t need to buy extra spare parts separately when we require them, The accessories that come with this robot vacuum are as follows

  • 1 Charging Stand and its Power Adaptor
  • 4 Side Brushes
  • 1 Cleaning Brush
  • 2 Hepa Filters
  • 1 Main Brush & its cover

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Features of Moosoo R4 Lidar Robot Vacuum?

When it comes to features that this robot vacuum offers, there is a lot to tell about, so of the best features of this robot vacuum as as follows:

1800PA Suction Power

Moosoo R4 zone cleaning

With this kind of suction power the robot vacuum can easily vacuum out even the tiniest dust particles like hairs, cat fur, on the ground while maintaining a quiet vacuuming session. Moreover, two special edge-sweeping brush can even take care of corners and edges, hence you home can be clean even on the corners.

Smart Features and the Vacuum App

Moosoo R4

The Moosoo R4 robot vacuum App has many smart features that make this vacuum a good choice for regular cleaning, you can have multi-level maps of your floors in your home. You can also set Do not enter zone / No-Go Zones, and the robot will not enter those zones to clean the restricted area, with the advanced LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) Sensors, the robot detects the walls, furniture, or any obstruction and avoids it.

Cleaning Schedules

Moosoo R4 Cleaning schedule

With the App, we can set various schedules for cleaning our homes and the Moosoo R4 robot vacuum will automatically clean at the set times, this is very helpful when you want to clean your home daily or set a particular area, for cleaning for eg: Kitchen, hall, etc to clean daily. Just set the schedules in the app and you can be worry free about vacuuming and cleaning your house.

Auto-Recharge and Resume

The Vacuum is low on power it will automatically go to its charging dock and start to charge and then resume cleaning, hence you don’t need to manually start the cleaning session again or instruct the vacuum to get charged, the vacuum does not go over the same spots again, hence making navigation more efficient and getting the cleaning session complete faster.

Voice Assistant Support

Moosoo R4 Smart features

The Moosoo R4 Robot vacuum supports voice assistants like Alexa and google voice assistants, with the help of the samart app, you can customise your cleaning preferences, monitor the cleaning , getting the job status, etc.

Anti- Drop Technology

Moosoo R4 anti drop technology

This Robot Vacuum has LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) Sensors, which gives the robot vacuum advanced anti-collision & drop-sensing abilities to stay on flat surface and turn when it detects a steep surface like stairs or edges, hence it does not fall down. 

Battery Life on Moosoo R4 Lidar Robot Vacuum?

Moosoo R4 Battery Life

This is where the Moosoo R4 Lidar Robot Vacuum is a bit average, it has a 3200mah battery, and one can expect around 100-120 minutes of vacuuming from this robot vacuum, hence it is good enough for one full vacuum session of the home or any floor.


Over all the Moosoo R4 Robot Vacuum is a good regular usage vacuum with advanced features like voice assistants, LIDAR Sensors, Smart App features, etc, that you can get in a budget price.

Note & Image Credits: This is a Product Feature Review Article & images used in this article are taken from the Brand`s website.