IFrogz Airtime vibe Blue

Zagg Airtime Vibe Headphones


Build Quality


Sound Quality







  • Super Comfortable
  • Good Sound Quality
  • Easy to Use
  • Good Battery life


  • Average Build Quality

What’s Inside the box?

Airtime vibe Box

Unboxing & Overview Video

Design & Fit of the iFrogz Airtime Vibe Headphones.

IFrogz Airtime vibe build quality

In terms of design these look like any other normal headphones, they have a glossy finish and it looks good. There is the Logo on the earcup, the headband is flexible but a bit fragile,if you put a little pressure, it can break off, the build quality is average on these headphones.

IFrogz Airtime vibe headphones

In terms of Fit, the iFrogz Airtime Vibe fits very well, these would one of the most comfortable headphones that we have used till now, the earpads are soft, we used these headphones regularly for a long time [4-5] Hours continuously and still, we didn’t feel any discomfort. These headphones are IPX2 Water-resistant, so they are somewhat resistant to sweat or moisture..

Audio Quality, Microphone & Sound Isolation

The Audio output via the iFrogz Airtime Vibe heapdhones is loud and clear even at full volume levels, We also noticed the sound balance is good, although it has good bass & but average mids & highs, These headphones are good enough for the day to day general usage scenarios.

The microphone is okay, The Audio while making and receiving calls was descent. The Sound isolation on these headphones is good enough if you are in a quite or less noisy environment.

The Sound isolation is fair, given the fact we have ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) on these headphones, which work well, you can use these headphones in a little noisy environment too and the noise will be removed.

Operations & Battery Life

IFrogz Airtime vibe controls

Operating the headphones is very simple, you have the buttons on the bottom of the earcup, though which you can control these headphones easily. The Buttons are tactile and give good feedback while pressing them.

Using the buttons you can perform certain operations like increasing the volume, play/pause music, accept the call, etc. Using these earphones, We got around 26 hours of battery life while the volume levels were at 80 percent, and around 22 hours of usage with ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) turned on.

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IFrogz Airtime vibe features

The iFrogz Airtime Vibe has Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity and we got a range of around 30 meters, without any distortion or connectivity drops, which is good. The headphones get automatically connected to the paired device when it’s in close proximity.


The iFrogz Airtime Vibe is super comfortable, it makes good daily use headphones, that has good sound quality,& battery life and has a budget price tag.