Fostex TM2

Fostex TM2 Bluetooth IEM


Build Quality


Sound Outoput


Bluetooth Connectivity


Battery & Charging





  • Balanced Sound Output
  • Comfortable FIt
  • Bluetooth Adaptor Performance
  • Modular Aspect
  • App Customization


  • Average Microphone

Why Fostex TM2 Bluetooth IEM/Adaptor?

Many of us wonder how amazing it would be if we can to use our high end and classical IEMs wirelessly, but the options to do so are quite limited, and the most available options are not up to the mark, but here we have a Modular Bluetooth IEM, the Fostex TM2, that can drive almost all of the IEMs and yet give amazing sound over Bluetooth connection.

Fostex TM2 : Unboxing & Quick Review Video

Design and Build Quality of Fostex TM2

In term of Design, The TM2 looks good, it does not have a really fancy design but has good aesthetics, in terms of build quality, it is good, this is one of very few modular IEM that is built very well, plus is quite comfortable too, also its has IPX5 water resistance rating.

Many of these IEMs are fragile and the Bluetooth adaptor is flimsy and there are fit issues, but with TM2, the fit and comfort is excellent and this also doesn’t feel heavy on your ears, as the weight is distributed equally over the adaptor and hence you get a comfortable fit.

The adaptor has an Mmcx type connector, so does the IEM, hence we can use various MMXC type IEM with the Bluetooth adaptor and they work well.

Sound Profile of Fostex TM2 IEM

Fostex TM2 IEM

Lows: The low-frequency sounds are reproduced quite well, the well-balanced bass is evident while listening to some of the 80/90s music

Mids: The Mid Frequencies were quite detailed and had good clarity, even at higher volumes, the vocals were quite clear.

Highs: At higher frequencies, the sound reproduction is good enough for most of the listeners, people who listen to a lot of instrumental music would be happy with the same.

Soundstage: The TM2 has a wider soundstage and while listening to high-quality music on these IEMs you can clearly listen to the sound separation difference while playing instrumental music.

Microphone: In normal usage, the microphones work somewhat fine, but it picks up the surrounding ambient sounds when you are in even in a little noisy environment like a park, etc, overall the microphone is just average, this is due to the placement of the microphone on the IEM, it doesn’t pick up our telephonic sounds quite well and we need to speak a bit louder so that it works perfectly.

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Fostex TM2 Bluetooth Adaptor Performance

The TM2 Bluetooth Adaptor can easily drive many IEMs, be it the premium heavy IEMs or the normal ones with ease. We tried the IEM with 3 IEMs the Queen of Audio (Pink Lady), Shure SE125, and Fiio FH5 IEM and it drove these IEM beautifully and the sound output over Bluetooth was almost similar to that of the normal wired output.

The TM2 Bluetooth adaptor is one the best wireless adaptor that you can buy, in the whole modular bundle the Adaptor is one for the main part of the Fostex TM2 IEM.

In terms of Battery life, we get a decent 7-8 hours of playback time and it takes around 2 hours to get charged, although the charging box doesn’t have an inbuilt battery, it gets directly charged via the power input given.

Fostex mmcx to 2-Pin

By default, the Bluetooth adaptor has an Mmcx connector, but Fostex sells a separate connector cable, we got the Mmxc to 2-pin connector and it worked well, the ear hooks were quite flexible and fitted the 2-pin IEM`s perfectly.

The TM2 supports Bluetooth 5.0 standard and supports many high-quality Bluetooth codecs like AAC, AptX, etc, Also the true wireless stereo function on the IEM works flawlessly, there is perfect sync, thanks to the Qualcomm QCC3026 SoC that this adaptor has.

Fostex TM2 Modular IEM
THe Fostex TM2 IEM

The Fostex TM2 is quite a modular IEM, the unit can be put down into the IEM, the Mmcx connector, and the Bluetooth adaptor. In terms of fit and comfort, they are quite comfortable, it feels quite solid and has a little weight, but this stays onto your ear without any issues, the hooks are flexible and can fit above your easily.

Fostex TM2 Smartphone App

Fostex TM2 App

The Fostex App Offers Landscape mode, which is basically a setting that is used to adjust the outdoor ambient noise, and this feature works well, thanks to the good sound isolation snug fit of the IEM onto your ears, you can immediately feel the difference.

Also, there is a battery indicator for the Right/Left Units and you get a firmware upgrade button, which can be used to check for any new available software updates.


Overall the Fostex TM2 is a good choice for many Audio Enthusiasts, as it offers balanced sound output, plus the modular features of IEM, freedom to use different IEM with compatible pin connectors, make it a unique one, although priced a bit higher, in long run, it would justify the price.