HiFIMan Deva Front Box

HiFiMan Deva With Bluemini


Build Quality


Sound Profile




Battery Life



  • Stylish Design
  • Good Build
  • Balanced Sound
  • Inbuilt DAC in Bluemini


  • No Case Included

Why HiFiMan Deva Headphones

There are many headphones out there in the market, many of them look & sound good too, but only a few look stunning and sound exceptional, One such product is the Hifiman Deva Planar Magnetic High Fidelity headphones with Bluemini.

These headphones are fine-tuned to give out a well-balanced sound even over Wireless connection via the Bluemini Bluetooth DAC.

What’s Inside the box of HiFiMan Deva?

HiFIMan Deva Aux-Audio cable
  • HiFiMan Deva Headphones
  • Owners Guide
  • Bluemini Bluetooth Dongle [Included if you buy the Bluemini version]
  • Aux/Audio Cable
  • USB-C Charging Cable

Unboxing & Review – HiFiMan Deva

Design & Fit of HiFiMan Deva

In terms of design, these headphones look quite premium, they are big in size and have an open-back design, the Brown-Grey color combination gives an appealing look.

HiFiMan Deva Wear Comfort

While using these headphones for some time, we felt that they weigh a bit on the higher side, all thanks to the good quality build this has, they feel like studio headphones. Although they fit well onto your head, these headphones are made to be used in one place, sit relax and enjoy the music.

hifiiman deva

There is a plastic grill on the headphone cups, which has a good texture and this grill helps in better sound reproduction, these are open back headphones, hence generally they are supposed to be used in private as the music playing on these headphones can be heard outside.

Audio Quality & Sound Isolation of HiFiMan Deva

HiFIMan Deva Front Box

The Audio output via the HiFiMan Deva is very loud & clear, this being an open back headphone, the sound can be heard nearby. We felt the sound is well balanced. If you want to hear the music in its most original form you should consider trying these headphones.

In terms of Noise isolation, when you wear these headphones the earphone cups cover your whole ears and you can experience little noise isolation, the noise isolation is best when you are hearing the music at 70 Percent volume or more.

Sound Profile of HiFiMan Deva

HiFIMan Deva Rear Box.

The Highs and mids were excellent whereas the lows were average in our opinion, these earphones provided a decent bass effect, as with the open back nature, the bass was not that great but yes it was good enough to listen to rock /pop music with beats, etc.

We tried listening to some vocal music and it was crystal clear, we would say if you an audiophile person looking out for such an experience you should definitely give this a try.

Microphone Quality of the HiFiMan Deva

The microphone was good enough to make and receive calls, and we got good call quality. Sound isolation on these earphones is god when the volume levels are high.

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Bluemini Bluetooth DAC
Operations & Battery Life 

HiFIMan Deva Bluemini

The Bluemini Bluetooth dongle is a great add on to your HiFiMan Deva headphones, as they add wireless listening experience to your headphones plus the Bluemini also has an inbuilt DAC that includes most of the sound codecs, including aptX HD, LDAC, and AAC, and that works well.

The BlueMini took around 1 hour to get fully charged, We got around 4 hours of battery life, at 100 percent volume level, and we think its good enough, considering the fact that, one can also use the headphones with the USB-C Cable.

Bluemini Bluetooth DAC Connectivity 

HiFiMan Deva Bluemini Connected

The Bluemini connected to your HiFiMan Deva gives a good range, we tried using this headphone 30-40ft away from the connected device, the sound output was excellent, there was no latency or any connectivity issues when we used it in long distance.


If you are a person who listens to a lot of music and wants to hear the music in its most original form, especially vocal music, this one is for you, get these headphones with Bluemini and you can have excellent audio over Bluetooth connection too.