Hobot Leegee 688 Box

Hobot Legee 688


Build Quality


Cleaning Modes


Smart Features





  • D-Shaped Form Factor
  • 7mm Mop Pad
  • Patented 4 in 1 Cleaning
  • Many Cleaning Modes


  • 2750 mah Battery

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Why Hobot Legee 688 Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

We all might have used a traditional vacuum cleaner, and most of us hate vacuuming right? it’s tiring, people get dust allergies and all.

But with the advancement in Robotics and IoT (Internet of things), there are a plethora of smart gadgets, that are being launched in the market, especially the robotic vacuums, and these are quite common nowadays, here we have with the Hobot Legee 688 Robot Vacuum which has some amazing features that make this a one of the best seller in the market.

Hobot Leegee 688 sensors

This robot vacuum has some sensors that help it in delivering a better cleaning process, LEGEE stands for [Laser, Encoder, Gyroscope, E-Compass, and Position Estimation], this also has cliff sensors that help it in detecting the stairs or any low surface areas.

Hubot is a Taiwanese brand, and in our opinion, We feel that these products have an amazing design combined with functionality, we have used many products from Taiwanese brands like Asus, Gigabyte, HTC, Acer, Etc & we always have loved them for their unique design & same applies to the Hubot Legee 688 Robot Vacuum.

Unboxing the Hobot Legee 688

Hobot Leegee 688 unboxing

This robotic vacuum comes packed well in a simple cardboard box, that shows the pictorial representation of the Hobot Legee 688 and some of its key features, It also states that it is a 4 in 1 vacuum cleaner which is unique of that available in the market.

Box Contents of the Vacuum cleaner

Hubot Leegee 688 accessories

There a lot of accessories that come with this robotic vacuum cleaner for our convenience, inside the box packaging you get the following

  • Hobot Legee 688 Robot Vacuum
  • Charging Dock
  • 2 sets of Mop pads
  • 3 Hepa Filters
  • Remote Control
  • User Manual
  • Plastic bottle

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Design & Build Quality of Hobot Legee 688

Hubot Leegee 688 Design

This vacuum cleaner has a unique build & form factor, it has a D-Shaped body, which helps it in reaching every corner of the house, In terms of looks, this one feels minimalistic yet premium, It has a circular ring to the top which adds to its aesthetics and it looks cool,

In terms of build quality, this is built well and feels solid, can last you for long, even while using it on a daily basis. There is a side brush attached to the right corner, that helps in better cleaning added with the powerful suction capabilities of this robot vacuums.

The Water storage and the trash bin is hidden under the robot vacuum body and this can be accessed by lifting the top lid and this can be cleaned whenever required.

Hubot Leegee 688 Mop Pad

The mop pad is 7mm thick, which is thicker than most of the other robot vacuums mops, whose thickness is around 2mm or so, hence with the thicker mop pad, you get a better and perfect dry as well as wet mopping.

The Caterpillar belt to the bottom of the vacuum helps in a stable motion and it does not slip away like few vacuums that have a circular wheels for the movement of the vacuum.

The functionality of Hobot Legee 688

Hubot Leegee 688 Functions

One of the best features of the Hobot Legee-688 robot vacuum that sets its apart from the other robotic vacuums available in the market, is its superior cleaning capabilities.

This vacuum uses a patented 4 in 1 FastBrush cleaning technology that combines powerful vacuuming with different cleaning patterns. This vacuum is well suited to work on hard floors and it should not be used in carpets.

There are 3 cleaning paths that the Hobot Legee 688 follows is a Zig-zag pattern, a wall follow cleaning [this follows along the walls for the path] & an Auto path, which decides its own path with the help of sensors and clean the area.

To put it in simple words, The robot follows a cleaning process which goes in the following pattern:

  1. The front part of the vacuum cleans the dust and derbies in off the surface.
  2. The Microfiber cloth pad performs a dry mopping to ensure there is no dust left to clean.
  3. The Vacuum spays the water droplets on the surface floor via the nozzles on the bottom of the vacuum.
  4. The Rear Mop pad mops the wet surface leaving a clean surface.

Hobot Legee 688 Cleaning Modes

Hobot Leegee 688 cleaning modes

This robot vacuum has a Talent clean mode, which has 7 different settings that can be used for different places and situations. There are specific modes for kitchen cleaning, pet hair cleaning, dry mode, polish mode, etc, We can also have a customized mode, wherein we can adjust the spay level, cleaning speed, mopping frequency, etc.

Battery Life & Charging

The Legee 688 Robot Vacuum has a built-in 2750Mah lithium-ion battery, that can easily give one full cleaning session of a big area, given the suction force utilized and the mode used, the higher the power it uses the lower the battery life. A battery with around 4000 Mah would have been better at this price point.

This Smart vacuum automatically goes and plugs onto the charging dock when it is 5cm away, it takes around 4 hours to get fully charged.

Hobot Legee Smartphone App

Hobot Leegee 688 app

The smartphone app helps in utilizing the smart features of this vacuum, such as setting up multiple areas for cleaning, saving multiple floor maps, scheduling cleaning sessions, view cleaning diary log, etc.

Demo Video of Hobot Legee 688


The Hobot Legee 688 is a stylish robot vacuum with amazing cleaning capabilities, If you are looking out to buy a robot vacuum with smart features and amazing design, you should check this this product.

Image Credits: Some Images shown in this article are taken from Hobot Website.