Bluetti AC50 Portable power station

Bluetti AC50 Portable Power Station


Built & Design


Battery Performance





  • Stylish & Rugged
  • Safety Battery Management System
  • Many Ports & Wireless Charging
  • Solar & Car Charging Option
  • Bright Led Light


  • No Moisture/Dirt Proof Rating

Why do you need a Power Station?

Bluetti AC50 Portable power station

We all use a power bank, to charge our smartphones, laptops, etc. But these power banks are of small capacities and cant be used only to power home appliances in case of power failures.

That`s where the Bluetti AC50 comes into the picture, this is a very unique kind of portable power station. Because this supports solar power charging and has a lot of cool features to offer.

Generally, people who live in big houses have a fuel generator, which runs on diesel. But these power stations create air pollution, instead, people can use an electric power station like the Bluetti AC50.

What do you get inside the Bluetti AC50 Box?

Bluetti AC50 Portable power station

In the Box Package, we get the below accessories .

  • Cover for the Power Station
  • AC Charger
  • Different Power Cables
  • USB Cable
  • User Manual & Warranty Card

Design & Build Quality

The Bluetti AC50 is built very well and it feels rugged, it weighs in around 13 pounds / 6 Kgs, which is easy to carry around, We are using the grey color variant which has this cool looking orange rubber covering to it, this portable power station has a rubber covering and feels durable, which means users can use this near fire camps or in snow weather conditions. This is a perfect outdoor power station that can be carried with ease.

The Bluetti AC50 has a bright display screen to the front, which shows the available battery percentage and other parameters such as, the power input/output usages. This power station has also won the Good Design award for the compact and good looking form factor.

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Functionality of Bluetti AC50 Power station

Bluetti AC50 Portable power station

The Bluetti AC50 comes with a lot of features that not only help during a power outage but even in our daily lives, such as a provision to charge our smartphones, laptops, and other power-intensive gadgets. This comes with a 2-year warranty & has a BMS (Battery Management System) that enables short circuit protection and has many other safety functions.

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Power Input options

This power station has 3 input options, that are AC Charger, PV Input port, and a Car Charger Port. It is a 3 in 1 rechargeable power station. This can also be charged via solar panels.

This Power Station Includes a pre-installed solar charging optimization module that functions as a maximum power point tracker (MPPT), resulting in up to 40% faster charge times, especially from solar panels.

Battery Capacity

The AC50 gives a power usage output of 50,000 Mah when used with an 11.1V output source & 135,000 Mah when used with a 3.5V Output source, It has 500Wh LG Lithium-Ion battery, which has two AC 110V ports that give continuous power of 300W and 450W at Surge power. The battery lifecycle is 2500+ cycles and the battery charge shelf life is 3-6 Months.

Led Lighting

Bluetti AC50 Portable power station

To the rear of the power station, there is a Led light, which can be turned on by a push of a button, this can be very useful during low lighting conditions or when you are in a camp/picnic, the power station`s Led light brightness is very high and can be easily light up your backyard, the brightness can be reduced by half by pushing the Led button again.

The Bluetti AC50 Power output options

  • 1 Wireless charging port
  • 1 USB-C Port with Max (45W) output, can be used to charge laptops.
  • 4 USB – A Ports with 5V/3A (15W) Outputs
  • 2 DC Ports 12V/3A (36W)
  • 2 AC Ports 12V/10A (120W) Max Output [Pure Sine Wave]
  • 1 Led Light

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Which gadgets Can the Bluetti AC50 Power?

  • The Iphone X  can be charged around 42+ times
  • Android Phones (large battery) can be charged 30+ times
  • Laptop (60W power) can be fully charged 6-7 times
  • A Led Lantern Light (10w) can be used for 17 Hrs
  • A GoPro Camera of(14w) can be charged 80+ times.
  • A Mini Fridge(40w) can used for 10+ Hrs
  • An Air Pump of (40w) can be used for 10+Hrs
  • A Drone can be charges 16-18 times.


We feel that this is a featureful product that very household should have, given its feature set this makes a perfect power station of all your outdoor and indoor power requirements.