Roidmi X30 Pro

Roidmi X30 Pro


Build Quality






Battery Life





  • Super Stylish
  • Vacuum + Mop
  • Digital Display
  • Magnetic wireless charging
  • Less Noisy


  • Small Dust Bin

Why Roidmi X30 Pro Vacuum?

We all use vacuums in our homes, but have you ever wondered why most of the vacuums look quite similar and does not have any special features, also in terms of design and ergonomics they are quite old school, But we came across a unique product, the Roidmi X30 Pro handheld Vacuum + Mop, that looks super stylish and is packed with features.

What’s Inside the Box pack of Rodimi X30 pro

The Roidmi X30 Pro comes with a plethora of accessories, that will help us in efficient cleaning.

  • Next-V All Purpose Roller Brush.
  • Electronic Anti-Miles Brush
  • Pet Brush
  • Flex Hose Pipe
  • Extended Crevie Tool
  • Dust Brush

Key Features of Roidmi X30 Pro

Roidmi X30 pro

This handheld vacuum has a 125,000 rpm digital motor with 155AW suction power, so basically this means that this vacuum has more powerful suction capabilities. Although the design looks fantastic, it is not just for the style, but it is also coated with patented antimicrobial agent NOVARON.

This vacuum has bright OLED color screen that shows the performance indicators like the battery, suction power, etc. While many appliances still use a simple LED display, Roidmi using an OLED display gives this vacuum a modern look.

The best part of this vacuum is its accessories, the NEX-V All-round Roller Brush, this helps in efficient all-around deep cleaning of the floor crevices as the Roidmi X30 Pro vacuums out most of the small dust particles.

Many of us want to have the mopping function while vacuuming our hard floors, and we see this feature generally in the Robot Vacuums, but Roidmi has taken the same into consideration and had included a magnetic mop box, which can be attached to vacuum easily, and you will get both vacuum and mopping at the same time.

Also, if you are wondering if you can use Cleaning liquids in the mop box, yes you can just add a little amount of the cleaning sanitizer liquid with the water, and you will a same good old mopping as we do it with the normal mops.

The flexible hose attachment provided makes vacuuming pet hairs and dust particles at hard to reach corners easy, the strong suction vacuums out almost all the dust particles leaving behind a clean surface.

Our Experience with the Roidmi X30 Pro

Roidmi X30

We really liked the vacuuming experience while using the ROIDMI X30 Pro, as it look quite stylish and feels premium, It is also light-weight, where in it just weighs in at 1.5 kg, hence moving it over places is easy and effortless, as compared to traditional vacuums which are quite heavy and needs good effort to move to different places for vacuuming.

The button trigger on the vacuum handle is used to change different suction speeds, and we can see the same in the OLED screen, we also get to see the battery percentage. Keep in mid that, when it is used in higher vacuum speeds, the battery goes out fast.

The Dust Cup is easy to clean and put back in the vacuum, just press the red button on the Dust Cup, to open up the lid and the trash gets emptied, this is a fairly simple process and your hands also won’t dusty, but you if you are vacuuming out say wet particles then they may stick on the cup, and it will need a waste wash to clean the cup.

The Roidmi X30 Pro had a decent battery life, and can be easily used for 2-3 cleaning sessions of a small apartment or 1 full cleaning session of a big house, the battery runs for approximately 60-70 minutes on the low settings before needing to recharge, the inclusion of wireless charging is something that is quite exiting and cool.

Robot Vacuums Vs Roidmi X30 Pro

We have used many Robot Vacuums, and they are quite useful too, but they lack many features that the Roidmi X30 Pro fulfills such as, easy of cleaning in the corners, Can apply manual force on the rod while mopping tough stains, QLED Display showcasing important information, without opening up the app, etc.

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Physical Overview Video of Roidmi X30 Pro


Roidmi X30 pro Accessories

The RoidmI X30 Pro is a stylish looking, handheld vacuum + Mop, that does the job perfectly, and is a better option to consider than a Robot Vacuum. We really liked the included accessories, Strong vacuuming and moping capabilities and the QLED display that allows us to have a quick glance over the important vacuuming information, overall we will definitely recommend this product to anyone who wants to have a great cleaning experience.