Evidson B3





  • Rich bass
  • Accurate Accoustics
  • Make in India
  • Good Mic

Are you a EDM Lover and looking out for the Budget Earphones , Which has good Bass even at Loud Volumes , Here we have Something For You

Here We have with us the Evidson B3 Earphones , Currently Priced at RS.899 (price varies) , They are the only earphone , that you will need for that Amazing EDM Sound Experience

Box Contents of Evisdson B3 Earphones

  • In-ear headphones
  • 3 sets of silicone ear tips of various sizes
  • Paper work

Some Features are 

  • Neodymium HD acoustic drivers
  • Crisp Mids and Vivid Highs
  • Rich bass
  • #MakeInIndia

Design & Build


Evidson B3 are light weight and , Fit in your Ear Perfectly , The 3.5 mm Pin is a gold plated which offers good connectivity.  Thin smooth cable does not get tangled up even when putting your earphones into a trouser or jacket pocket. Overall the build is fair Enough

Sound Quality

If you are a EDM lover  you will love the Evidson B3 earphones , This earphone has clear bass even at loud volumes , As in Most of the Budget earphones get distortion when the volume increased , There is also descent amount of Noise isolation ! Considering the price of the Earphones are value for Money earphones


Evidson B3 is budget Earphone , for the people who Listen to lot of EDM Music and love Clear bass effect !


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