1More Piston Fit





  • Amazing Build
  • Balanced sound Signature
  • Light weight


  • Low Bass
Are you looking out for a Good pair of Earphones , Those not only sound good but has amazing build and in budget ?

Here We have with us the 1More Piston Fit Earphones , Priced at RS.999 , They are a great replacement / Upgade from your  Normal earphones bundled with your Smartphone
Here are the Top features that make me me feel that the this Earphone might be for you

Earphone Package Contents

  1. Extra Ear Tips
  2. Earphones
  3. User manual

Design & Build


These are light weight Earphones and for more Comfort fitting experience, the front of Earphones adopts a 45° degree in-ear design , which Fits your Ear Perfectly , They are made out of aerospace metal and flexible PET material which gives the earphone a solid build and is also Light Weight too , The Cables are also made of  Kevlar Fiber , which , means more durablity !

Sound Quality

Some Earphones priced at same price have too much bass , which often destroy the whole sound spectrum and sound experience. The 3.5 mm Pin is a gold plated which offers good connectivity , The 1MORE Piston Fit has decent bass and clarity. You can listen to details even with the medium bass of this earphone , The Volume is also fair enough & The Sound Signature is Balanced !


The 1MORE  Piston Fit has a single button control enables simplified operation. It allows answering/rejecting of calls, and music play/pause functions. The single button is durable enough to withstand 100000 times of strike.


A Good pair of Earphones , for the people who want to upgrade from Basic earphones to a Good quality earphones that offer balanced sound signature !