Panasonic toughbook

The various work sectors or industries of today involve activities that require raw hard work.This is Where Panasonic Toughbook Comes in !

A sales agent who’s everyday work involve a lot of running around or even an individual who expertise require him to work in an harsh environment are in need of hardy devices that can withstand pressure.

Panasonic’s latest range of tough books and touch pads are designed to be resistant to all the tough environments and situations through which you have to work in. Armed with the latest technology these tough books have proven to be durable in the harshest situations which you can put it thorough. In professions where there is a high probability of your device incurring damage then you can rest assured that it will pull through.

Have you ever found yourself in the situation where your laptop has been exposed to too much moisture or even when you have dropped in accidently? Panasonic Toughbooks and Toughpads are constructed to withstand just that. You can feel safe in carrying your laptop freely without the worry of it being damaged in any way. We understand how essential it has become carry your device to your job location or workplace.

In professions like being a sales person, construction engineer or even a weather specialist there are instances when your technology are exposed to some of the most intense and dangerous situations. These are exactly the moment when the highly durable and resistant Panasonic Tough books come in handy.

Utility of the Product

This new range of business-oriented rugged toughbooks is specifically designed to fulfill the purpose of working under harsh conditions. They are meant to provide full proof reliability as well as durability which is required in on-the-go trades.

These days one is required to store and process highly sophisticated data such as business spread sheets, documents, agreements, contact information as well as data for restricted access only. This type of information is of paramount importance in your work and you cannot simply afford to lose it.

Rugged Protection

The part of the laptop which is most easily damaged is the hard disk along with sensitive components. These parts include, keyboard, laptop screen, touchpad and so on. It is imperative that these parts are well protected so that any possible damage can be prevented. It is not always possible to be extra careful with your laptop and chances of it getting damage are always around.

This is exactly how Ruggedized Toughbooks from Panasonic can come in handy. They are built in such a way that their primary focus is to protect all of its components. Personnel such as field sales agents whose daily work is to travel around selling their product from location to location require hardy laptops such as Panasonic Toughbooks.

Their ranges of laptops are not only well protected but also improve efficiency in work. Now you no longer have to worry about dropping or even having to hold it with a bit of dirt on your hands.

Different Ranges 

Panasonic has devised its range of toughbooks to suit different working conditions. It has designed its various laptops in different ways so that you can purchase exactly according to what condition your work is based on. These variations of the Panasonic Toughbook range include fully rugged, Semi rugged and specialized business rugged laptops. The fully rugged range features fully rugged models which incorporates the Intel Core TM i5 vPro Processors which offers maximum durability.

These laptops are literally designed to withstand all sorts of harsh conditions which you can throw at. You could be travelling in a storm, in a rain forest or even working at a construction site with heavy machinery. It helps reduces the tension of having to secure your laptop most of the time. They are protected in a magnesium thickened casing which secures its most sensitive parts like the screen.

It also makes it more resistant to shock. It has been designed to withstand temperatures from -20 degrees C to more than 60 degrees C. The semi rugged models have been designed for professionals who require laptops which can be more resistant to damage due to rough usage. They are proved to be durable even when dropped from above 76 cms and also resistant to scratches as well as water spills.

Toughbook models like the CF-54 are specifically designed to industry oriented. They are meant for mobile use and can be safely handled in a large number of situations. They are light weighted and feature a bio engineered honeycomb lid.

Finally, models like the CF-MX4 can be categorized as the special ruggedized version of Panasonic Toughbook. The robust looks of the highly ruggedized version has been reduced as well the sensibility to damaged. The focus is to protect sensitive parts like the screen, keyboard and hard disk. Its light weight and slick design makes it more presentable.

It features a 360 degree flip over screen and 10-fingers touch screen. It is one of the world’s lightest 12.5 inch laptops and is the perfect companion for any business executive. Other exciting features like swappable batteries and a specialized drop resistant technology is also included.

The Panasonic Toughbook range is an innovation which is based on sheer endurance and professional use so that the sensitivity of your equipment does not come in the way of your work. They are resistant to dust, water, harsh weather conditions and are highly durable. On purchasing a Panasonic Toughbook you can also avail several accessories such as carry bags, batteries, chargers, adapters and even security software.

Aim of the Product

Panasonic’s aim is to give you the best security solutions which incorporate durability as well as resistance. With their range of fully rugged, semi rugged and business rugged laptops and tabs there is absolutely no activity that may seem impossible for you to handle. Not only do they help you to work more efficiently but also decreases any obstacle that might be in your way. You can surely rely on Panasonic’s Toughbooks to toughen your business.