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A Deal you can’t Refuse – NordVPN Subscription

What is a VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, it is basically an Internet service that lets you unlock the potential of the Internet while offering good online security, while using this service you remain anonymous, as your internet data is tunneled/passed through a Virtual Private Network.

Benefits of Using a VPN in India?


As many of us know that, India has one of the highest numbers of internet users in the world, with the Internet in the hands of so many people, there comes great responsibility for the ISPs and governing authorities to monitor and restrict certain websites that maybe not apt for the users in the region.

Some examples include, the bogus betting websites out there which look legit and people lose their money, Movie download websites, which also install Trojans in the user’s computers, and the end-point devices [Laptop, PCs, Smartphones, etc] get compromised and can be used for activities that even the users are not aware of, such as mining of Crypto Currency, etc, and in most of the times, its the user who becomes liable for any issues arising due to the same.

Many people don`t understand these risks, and this is due to the lack of proper knowledge among the people. Many even use a Free VPN, but there is a high possibility of data collection, device monitoring, and targeted ads on the user’s device.

But a user can be made safe by using a Paid VPN Service like NordVPN, which, not only helps in masking your IP address to access Geo-restricted content, like Web Series, TV-Shows of different Regions, also helps in securing your internet connection, by keeping your IP masked, so that your connection looks like it’s been connected from a different location, hence your PC and network are safe from the threats on the internet. And moreover this VPN`s monthly subscription. just cost as the price of a Large pizza.

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Are you safe on the Internet?

The straightforward answer to this will be a big No!, Why you may ask ?
The number one reason is the increased usage of Smartphones, as we use and visit various apps and websites, without knowing its source.

Most often we see some fancy app on the App Store and download it or Visit a website listed on the search engine, that shows Clickbait content [A method used to make the users click a source], These Internet sources do so to lure users onto their platform in order to collect data, install random software, which turn out to be a virus, malware & Adwares, etc.

All of like Free Wi-FI Right? So many of us don`t miss a chance to utilize these free internet connection resources available around us, be it Public internet hotspots like in Airports, Railway Stations, or in a coffee shop.

Key Features of NordVPN.

Nord Vpn laptop

There are a lot of reasons, why NordVPN is rated one of the best in the market, some of the features that stand out are:

  • There are around 5000 Servers to which you can connect to.
  • You get one of the fastest speeds, even on a VPN connection.
  • A No-Log Policy, which means that NordVPN, does not track your usage, they also call in PWC [PriceWaterHouseCooper], one of the Big 4 Audit Firms to audit the same
  • A Double VPN Connection with 256-Bit AES Encryption, so that your data is encrypted twice.
  • It also supports Onion Over VPN, which means that there is quite less chance of you being spied online.
  • The NordVPN Kill-Switch, Monitors your network for any connection drop and blocks internet access to the specified apps.
  •  It supports NordLynx Protocol, which helps in connecting to a faster and secure VPN connection.

How NordVPN Helps you With Security?

In the Nord VPN dashboard, we have CyberSec option, toggling/enabling this feature, helps you to be safe while using the internet, this not only block the Ads over the internet that you see on many websites, but this also protects your device from Malware like Adwares, Trojans, etc, and areas you on any phishing attacks or social engineering over the internet causing phishing attacks.

Why should consider getting a NordVPN Subscription?

With NordVPN, you not only get a VPN Connection. you also have the option to opt for many other tools like NordPass: A Password Manager App, NordLocker: A Secure Encrypted way of fire sharing, etc. Also, Nord VPN is one of the most trusted VPN Apps, the main reason being No-Logs Policy, Unlimited Bandwith & CyberSec [That helps block Malwares].

Do all these features sound Interesting, right? Here is your chance to get the NordVPN subscription at an Amazing Price.

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