Abramtek E500 Speaker

Abramtek E500


Build Quality


EQ Customization


Volume Levels


Design & Looks


Battery & Charging



  • Bass-Heavy
  • Looks Elagent
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Adhoc EQ Customizations


  • Average battery Life

What`s so good about Abramtek E500?

There are very few speakers in the market, that look really stylish yet offer great Adhoc Sound EQ customisations. One such speaker, we came across was the Abramtek E500.

These speakers have a modern slick design that goes hand in hand with your home decor and adds beauty to your TV/Audio setup. We have tried and listened to many good-sounding speakers, but very few matched the Looks and Sound of these speakers.

We connected a pair of these speakers to our audio setup, and at the default setting, they sounded quite natural and yet had perfect bass and treble levels, listening to music on these was so fulfilling. Especially the bass-heavy music was great to hear.

Abramtek sells the E500 speakers individually, but we would suggest you, get a pair of these speakers and connect them together to use it with your TV/Audio setup, as they sound much better while connected in a pair.

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What do you get inside the box pack?

Unboxing the Speaker box pack, you get the following

  • Abramtek E500 Speakers
  • 3.5mm Audio Cable
  • USB Charging Cable
  • User Manual

Design & Build of Abramtek E500

Abramtek E500 Speaker Ports

These are some of the best premium & stylish-looking Bluetooth speakers out there that you can buy, they have a nice Greyish-Black finish with some ports to the rear like the HDMI ARC, AUX-In, USB Charging Slot, etc. Although these speakers may seem to be very costly by their premium look, they cost less than what a premium speaker costs.

We also do have a soft led light built into the speaker at bottom, which adds an ambiance to the place it is in, especially it looks amazing with your home decor, you can even use this speaker as a showpiece in your house.

Audio EQ Control On the Abramtek E500

Abramtek E500 Speaker Controls

To the top of the speaker, we have 4 sliders for Bass, Mid & Treble & volume, with these sliders you can easily adjust the sound profile of any song you are playing on this speaker.

We also do have few buttons like Music for setting up various modes for the sound effects, be it for Movies, Games, etc, Light Button [To turn the ambiance light] & playing mode [Bluetooth, Aux, and ARC] Modes.

Sound Quality of Abramtek E500

These are 200W Bluetooth speakers that offer super loud volume levels, they can easily fill sound in your backyard and they add to be amazing party speakers, also if you set it with your TV via HDMI ARC, the surround sound effect is just brilliant.

One would love to listen to electronic, beats and bass-thumping music on these speakers, Watching action movies with these speakers is crazy, the detailed sound effect that you get out of these is really unmatched, if you compare it any TV soundbar that is similarly priced.

With the 360 Degree Surround sound on these speakers, the sound waves flow, not only left to right but top to bottom. This creates an omnidirectional spread with wide-directional waves, that circulate throughout the room, giving an impression of a multi-speaker environment system from a single speaker.

Abramtek E500 : Sound Quality Demo

According to Abramtek, These speakers have a patented technology called the “Dual Pressure Air Compression [DPAC] technology”, that creates a super bass effect. This driver configuration combined with the air pressure delivers a full range thundering bass from the passive radiator.

You can also connect a pair of the speakers and get that [TWS], True wireless stereo effect, this can be done via Bluetooth pairing or by connecting both the speakers together using a 3.5mm audio cable.

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Battery Life on the Abramtek E500

These speakers have an 8800Mah battery, that gives a playback time of around 4-5 hours with good volume levels, This charges via a 5V Connection and takes close to 2-3 hours to get charged. We would have liked to see a bigger capacity battery on this speaker.

But we can use a 15W wall adaptor or higher rated charging adaptors to get better charging speeds, than the normal charger.


If you are looking to buy a Speaker that serves as a party speaker, yet you can use it as your home decor, then you can get this speaker without any second thought, these speakers give you the choice to adjust the EQ easily, plus they look classy too.