Diwali is always special for everyone and we make lots of sweets and snacks during this festive season , We Eat a lot ūüėõ , As today is Diwali , I came to my Grandparents House and My grandfather made Vada curry¬†– And Man its So awesome , BTW it was my grand parent 50th Diwali anniversary , whats better than Celebrating That with Some super cool Food

Vada Curry is a very famous & tasty South Indian gravy served with Idly, Dosa or Appam

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So today our Diwali Special Breakfast was Dosa РVada Curry and its just pure bliss 

So if you also want to make this Superb Dish at Home here are the steps


1. Dosa – Hope you Know how to make it ūüėõ
2 . Soak the Chana dal in water for 1 hour.
3. After 1 hour, drain the water from channa dal and take 1 handfull of soaked dal, keep it aside and grind the remaining channa dal in mixer to a coarse paste without adding water. Take he coarsed paste and add the channa dal that is kept aside and mix well. Keep this ground paste aside
4. Lets prepare the masala now. Take the grinding ingredients for masala in a mixer
5. Grind the ingredients to a nice paste by adding a little water
6. Take 2-3 teaspoon of the ground masala and add it to the ground vada flour (The Thick paste we grinded on mixie)
7. Mix the vada flour with salt and masala. Here we are adding masala to give the vada a nice flavour
8. Heat oil in pan, when the oil is hot, put a pinch of vadai flour and it it raises immediately, then the oil is hot enough. gently drop small balls of vada flour like we do for pakodas
9. Fry the vadas in oil on both the sides and then when the bubbles ceases, gently take the vadas and keep it in a bowl
10. After the Vada bubbles are cool , let them stay for an hour 
11. Then Take a Pan and Fry  Lots of Chopped Onion , Few Tomatos , Few Bay leaves
12. Add Garam Masala and a bit of Milk in the Pan , Stir it well
13. Add Some Pudhina & Some seasonings as you like
14. Stir well and then Put the Fried Vada Flour in the Mixture of Gravy
15.let the whole mixture cook for 10-15 minutes
16. Now eat it with idli , Dosa , Appam , Roti , etc

Vada Curry with Dosa

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