UTS Mobile App – Book Local Train Tickets Easily

The best feature of the UTS App is  – Paperless Ticket: The passenger can book paperless ticket through mobile application and ticket will be delivered in the mobile application itself. The passenger can travel without taking hardcopy of the ticket. In order to book paperless journey ticket & platform Ticket, the smartphone should be GPS enabled .However the GPS is not required to book/renew season tickets.

The services are offered by uts on mobile app in Android and Windows Smartphone only. The phone should have minimum GPRS connectivity to use the services.

1. Booking of Suburban Ticket
2. Cancellation of Suburban ticket.
3. Issue/Renew Season ticket.
4. Booking of Platform ticket.
5. Check R-Wallet balance.
6. Surrender of R-Wallet.
7. User profile management.
8. Booking History.

Demo – How to Book Tickets 


Few FAQ`s About UTS Service

How to cancel a mobile ticket?

The user/passenger is allowed to cancel the paper tickets booked using UTS mobile apps.
The cancellation of ticket through mobile apps is allowed only if the ticket is not printed at the kiosk.
Once, the ticket is printed at the kiosk, then cancellation is allowed only at the UTS counter within one hour after printout.
No cancellation is allowed for paperless ticket in Chennai suburban.
There will not be any cash refund at the time of cancellation. The refund amount after deduction of clerkage charge, if any, will be automatically topped up in the user R-Wallet.

What is a R-Wallet?

R-Wallet is closed wallet of Indian Railways. Currently, it will be used to buy suburban tickets in Mumbai and Chennai suburban section .Being a closed wallet, all the rules of RBI for Closed Wallet will apply to this wallet also.
The R-Wallet with zero-balance will be created without any additional cost upon successful registration by the passenger. The minimum recharge value is Rs.100 and multiples of Rs.100 which can grow upto Rs.5000.The maximum stored-value amount in this R-Wallet is Rs.5000.

How to Recharge R-Wallet?

R-Wallet will be issued with zero balance to all the users upon successful registration in the system either through utsonmobile mobile apps or website (https://www.utsonmobile.indianrail.gov.in). The user can recharge their R-Wallet at the UTS counters available in the Suburban Railway Stations or through the website (https://www.utsonmobile.indianrail.gov.in).
In case of R-Wallet recharge through the website, there will be an additional PG charges plus service tax. The service tax is applicable as per the extant policy, Govt. of India.

How to check the R-Wallet balance?

The user can check the balance of R-Wallet either in the UTS mobile apps or in the website (https://www.utsonmobile.indianrail.gov.in).

How to Surrender/close my R-Wallet?

The passenger has to initiate the surrender R-Wallet request from the mobile app and he/she will get a secret code as SMS. The passenger has to go to the suburban Railway Station and show the secret code to the booking operator and get the cash refund after deducting the clerkage amount. However, the surrender policy will change time to time.

How to Block my R-Wallet?

The user is allowed to block the usage of R-Wallet through Helpline number (listed below) by giving user credentials. Once, it is blocked, then they cannot reuse it and no cash refund will be given for the left out money available in their R-Wallet.

Where to print the ticket?

The user has to take print out of the ticket from ATVMs installed at the journey originating (Source) station of the ticket. Journey is valid with printed ticket only in case of paper ticket mode.

Why can’t I get GPS signal?

The main reason may be GPS signals will be very poor in the place from where you are booking or your phone accuracy may not be more than expected by the app. The accuracy value is based on the Geo-Fencing definition by the railways. We may also check the Location Settings in your phone for High Accuracy mode.

From which place, I need to book a Paperless Ticket?

At the time of booking a Paperless Ticket, the passenger’s location is traced via his mobile GPS. This is to ensure that the passenger is NOT currently onboard a train or to ensure that he is NOT inside the station premises. Thus the passenger will only be able to book a Journey or Platform ticket if he is at atleast 20-25 meters away from the station/track. However these restrictions are not applicable for paperless Season Ticket.

Is GPRS connection essential for showing the paperless ticket to TTE?

GPRS and GPS connection is NOT essential for showing the ticket. The application has an offline mode for this purpose.

What if the phone runs out of charge when showing the ticket?

In this case passenger is treated as ticketless travel.

How to revert a Wallet Surrender request?

If you have mistakenly surrendered your wallet and again want to use it, then you can call the customer care number for your city and request for the same. However once refund has been collected from the railway counter no further reversion will be possible.

How long will my paperless platform ticket be valid?

According to Railway rules platform ticket is valid for two hours from the time of booking.

What is the validity of paperless Season Ticket?

1. The fresh paperless season ticket will be Valid from the next day.
2. In case of advance renewal of season ticket, the new validity period logic is as follow
     i. In case the season ticket validity period is active, then the new validity period will be effective from existing validity period plus one day.
    ii. In case the season ticket validity period is expired, then the new validity period will be from next day (i.e. current date plus one).

How many Season Tickets can I have?

Only ONE valid season Ticket is allowed for a passenger at a given point of time. However after the expiration of the ticket, it can be either renew or fresh ticket can be issued again.

What to do in case mobile handset is lost or non-repairable?

One can give a change handset request to CCM/PM office of the concern Railway along with following copy of the document:

Contact for feedback/assistance

Phone: – 7045033646 (for Mumbai users)
– 044-25351621 (for Chennai users)
– 011-23361955 (for Delhi users)
– 138 (for Kolkata users)
– 138 (for Secunderabad users)



Email:   [email protected] (for Mumbai users)
[email protected] (for Chennai users)
[email protected] (for Delhi users)
[email protected] (for Kolkata users)
[email protected] (for Secunderabad users)