Bluetti AC300

What is so special about the Bluetti AC300?

A few months ago, in an around July 2021, Bluetti, the portable solar storage pioneer, announced their release of an industry first, modular solar power station – the Bluetti AC300 and its accompanying LFP battery module, the B300 (3,072Wh). Among the solar power station enthusiasts the word spread fast, and before many people knew it, the AC300 was trending throughout the United States, with  particular interest coming from portable solar power users based in California, Texas, Florida, and New York, and after two strenuous months of waiting, the Bluetti AC300 Power Station and B300 are finally here! – It is available to order.

Do you still use a Gas/Propane Generators?

Many people of still use the Gas/Propane based generators, and think of getting a Solar powered electric generators, but we don’t have much of an idea about its benefits over the latter, although electric power stations are a bit costly, but they are worth it in the long run.

Solar Generators Vs Gas Generators

Solar Generators

  • No added noise/extremely quiet operation – 35dB (As quiet as whisper)
  • Free, clean, endless renewable power source from the sun or wind.
  • Increases your daily solar consumption 24/7
  • Extremely low maintenance (due to barely any moving parts)
  • Seamless UPS(Uninterrupted Power Supply) when power outages occurred

Gas Generators

  • Noisy operation ≥70dB (As loud as a washing machine)
  • Emissions, deadly toxic carbon monoxide (The generators must be used outside)
  • Higher carbon footprint – (Uses fossil fuels for power)
  • Requires maintenance – (Lots of moving parts to maintain)
  • Monthly fuel costs – (Fuel is not free like the sun)

When using a solar generator, you are essentially using free energy from the sun instead of using costly dirty fossil fuels. You can continue getting this free energy from the sun for the lifespan of your solar panels, which is usually around 25 to 30 years. And, unlike most conventional fuel or gas generators, solar generators have absolutely no moving parts and do not use a liquid fuel. Means that the likelihood of needing to pay for any types of repairs is significantly lower.

Aside from the obvious financial gains of using a solar generator, choosing this green technology over other fossil fuelled systems has various environmental and health benefits. Gas powered generators lead to air pollution alongside noise pollution, and while the latter is just simply annoying, the former contributes to climate change and respiratory diseases.

Last but not least, most heavy-duty gas powered generators can sometimes weigh up to a hefty 250 pounds. While Bluetti’s heavy duty solar-powered AC300 weighs a mere 44 pounds and the external battery B300 weighs 74lbs in comparison. Obviously, the less powerful the generator the lighter it usually weighs but in summary, solar generators are way easier to move around than gas powered generators for the same amount of power density.

Why Should you consider buying the Bluetti AC300 ?

Bluetti B300

The Bluetti AC300 offers a lot of features and quite impressive, below are some key features.

  • Bluetti AC300 is 100% modular and can accept up to four B300 battery modules per unit, adding up to a total of 12,288Wh – Good luck running out of power. 
  • Being modular means people can transport it with ease, any modular part can be used as in when required.
  • AC300 uses top of the range LFP cells which have 3500+ life cycles, leading up to 80% of the original capacity. (In other words, putting the device through one cycle a day, means 10 years of service life.)
  • Capable of receiving 2,400 watts of unrivalled MPPT solar charging input, it’s time to go full-time solar!
  • Packed with a 3000 watt pure sine wave inverter able to adjust the AC charging rate (no need for a power brick, one charging cable will do just fine)
  • While connected to two B300 battery modules, the AC300 can be charged with both solar and AC simultaneously, adding up to 5400 watts of power input. 
  • Allows the connection of the new BLUETTI Fusion Box Pro, connecting of which doubles the voltage, power, and capacity up to 6000W, 240V, 24,576Wh.
  • All of this technology can be controlled by a complex, yet easy to use smartphone app via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

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Where To Buy The AC300 & How Is It Delivered?

All the new Bluetti products can be bought on the official website :, the Bluetti AC300 paired with 1× B300 battery module now starts at $2899 (original price is $3699, that is $800 OFF for a limited quantity, The AC300 paired with 2× B300 battery modules starts at $3648 (original price is $4498, that is $850 OFF), Also, for all one-stop shopping a total amount a thousand dollars can be saved when buying certain AC300 solar bundles. Orders will be delivered in 3~5 weeks from purchase date, according to Bluetti’s statement.

The AC200 MAX Is Now Back In Stock

After being quickly sold-out on its debut release, the AC200 MAX and B230 battery modules are now both available to be purchased again. Also, the AC200 MAX has a standard built-in 2,048Wh LFP battery pack (with expandable battery capabilities) – an all-round upgrade of the long loved AC200/AC200P.

Excitingly, the AC200 MAX can be connected to both the B230 and B300 battery modules, unlike the AC300 which is only compatible with the B300 battery module. For a limited time period, Bluetti is also offering a discount coupon on the AC200 MAX meaning it can now be bought for $1,799, that is $300 savings. Additional savings can be made by purchasing bundles. At total capacity (connected with two B300 battery modules) the AC200 MAX boasts up to 8,192Wh!