Bluetti AC200P Power Station


Build Quality


Output Ports


Smart Features


Battery Life


Charging Options



  • Good Build Quality
  • Touch Screen Display
  • Bluetti ECO Mode
  • 2 Wireless Charger Built In
  • Six AC Outlets


  • Lacks Moisture resistance

Why choose Bluetti AC200P Power Station Vs Traditional Gas Power Stations.

Electric vs Fuel Generator

As it’s the festive season and many of us have parties, etc at homes, What if the power goes out at your home on a Christmas dinner? Or the fancy lights don’t work when you have a new year party?

That`s where the Bluetti AC200P comes into the picture, this is a very unique kind of portable power station. Because this supports solar power charging and has a lot of cool features to offer.

What do you get inside the Bluetti AC200P Box?

Bluetti AC200P Box pack

Box contents of the Power Station

  • Maxoak Bluetti AC200P Power Station
  • 1 – 400W AC Power Adaptor & Cable
  • 1 – PV Solar Charging Cable(MC4 To XT90)
  • 1- Car Charging Cable(Car To XT90)
  • 1- XT90 To Aviation Plug(Input)
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card

Features of Bluetti AC200P

The Maxoak Bluetti AC200P is a 2000Wh/2000W portable power station that is double in size, and almost 2x powerful than the traditional portable power stations available in the market. The Maxoak Bluetti AC200P also comes with a 2 year warranty period.

Smaller Version : Bluetti AC50

We reviewed the Bluetti AC50 portable power station a few months ago, which had a very similar feature set as the AC200P, but has a smaller battery capacity and is mostly used only when required or for a short period of time.

Bluetti AC50 Portable Power Station Review!

Design & Build Quality

The Bluetti AC200P has one of the most Stylish & rugged design, for a power station, it has an extra rubber covering to its body, which gives the ports a good cover from dust, etc, and one can easily place the power station in uneven surfaces and use it.

The Front Side

Bluetti AC200P Front Side

To the front side, we have a bright screen display that shows the battery usage and charging parameters such as, the power input/output usages, and below the display, we have the car and USB Ports.

In The Real-Time Display Shows Current, Voltage, Power, Temperature And Charging Status. Users Can Independently Alter The Output Voltage, Frequency, Charging Mode, etc.

The Adjacent Sides

The Power Station has a compact form factor, we can keep it even in limited spaces such as our car backseat, etc and you can charge your devices simultaneously.

To the adjacent sided, we have some vents that help in better airflow, this helps in maintaining a normal temperate if the power station when it is being used extensively.

Build Quality & Weight of the Power Station

The Maxoak Bluetti AC200P weighs around 57 Pounds / 26 Kilograms, which may feel heavy but, but thanks to the rubbery grip on the handle, it can be easily carried to different places. Overall it has a good build quality.

The foldable handle design on this power station helps in saving a bit of space, the bottom of the power station has a stable grip, as it can be kept at uneven surfaces and still it will be stable, this is due to the even distribution of weight onto the power station, which is quite good.

The functionality of Bluetti AC200P Power Station

Bluetti AC200P Quick overview

The Maxoak Bluetti AC200P comes with some unique features that not only help during a power outage but even in our daily lives, such as a provision to charge our smartphones, laptops, small home appliances, and other power-intensive gadgets simultaneously.

The Power Station is specially designed for High-Power devices such as Electric Grill, Window Air Conditioner, Drill, Kettle, Coffee Maker, etc. and hence this makes this power station unique.

There are Two 15W wireless chargers in-built into the power station so that you don’t need to take your wires along, This wireless charging function enables your devices charged wirelessly.

This power station has a BMS (Battery Management System) that enables short circuit protection and has many other safety functions.

The “Bluetti ECO” Mode Can Prevent Up To 50% Of Wasted Electricity Loss. It Will Automatically Power Down When The Output Is Lower Than 50W For 4 Hours, Just In Case You Forget To Turn It Off. 

Since the Bluetti AC200P power station is capable of outputting 2000W, it has a fan on the inside to keep things cool. If the power station is either 45° Celsius (113° Fahrenheit) or has an output greater than 250W or 1000W, then the fan is automatically turned on at low speed. On the other hand, if the power station is 50° Celsius (122° Fahrenheit) or over 1500W, then the fan speed is set to high automatically.

Battery & Charging

Bluetti AC200P Solar Power

The Maxoak Bluetti AC200P has an IfePo4 Battery Cell which is huge and is rated at 2000wh/2000W. The Battery has an impressive life cycle of 3500+ recharges and has a shelf life of 3-6 months, which is quite good as you don’t need to charge it often.

The Built-In MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracker) is Optimized to the Maximum Charging Efficiency For AC50s Via Solar Panels, which gives Up To 40% Faster Charging Times.

With a 135,135mAh power capacity when using the DC or USB-C Power Delivery ports, you will still able to charge your laptops to full capacity many times, assuming that, at most, a laptop has a 7,000mAh battery capacity, then this means that you can charge a laptop to full power about 19 times. This means you can charge a laptop for approximately more than two weeks straight without having to recharge the power station.

You can charge this power station in 5 different ways.

  • The 400W Included AC Adapter
  • 12V/ 24V Included Car Charger – Takes 18 hours in 24V to fully Charge
  • 35-150v/Max.700W, Max12A Solar Panel
  • Via Generators: Gasoline, Propane, Or Diesel
  • Via Lead Acid Battery (At Max 8.2A)

Maxoak Bluetti AC200P Power Output Options

There are total of 17 output Ports on the Bluetti AC200P Power Station

  • 6 – AC110V AC Outlet(Pure Sine-Wave)
  • 1 – DC12V/25A
  • 1- DC12V/10A
  • 2 – DC 12V/3A
  • 4 – 5V/3A – USB-A Port
  • 1 – PD 60W USB-C Faster Charge (5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/3A,15V/3A, 20V/3A)
  • 2 – Wireless Charging Ports (Single Output Max 15W)

The most impressive part of this Bluetti AC200P 2000Wh power station is the use of its six AC outlets. There are very few portable power stations on the market that use six AC outlets, with most of them using either one or two, max. The other great part is that the six AC outlets share a massive 2000W power output.

Six AC outlets that share a 2000W power output enables you to power six appliances at the same time, meaning that you can have a Magic Bullet blender, a fridge, charge a laptop with a laptop charger, power a lamp, a mini fan, and a mini electric grill at the same time. With all this being powered no matter where you are with the AC200P truly makes this Bluetti power station one of the best on the market.

Another thing to add is that each of the six AC outlets is three-prong plugs so you have a more free range of what you’re able to connect to the AC outlets.

Which gadgets can Bluetti AC200P Power?

  • Laptop: 30 Recharges
  • Camera: 116 Recharges
  • Electric Drill: 3.3 Hours
  • Hair Dryer : (1660W) : 1 Hour
  • CPAP Medical Device: 47 Hours
  • Air Conditioner: 94 Minutes


We feel that Bluetti AC200P is a super useful product that every household should have, given its feature set this makes a perfect power station for all your outdoor and indoor power requirements. It has everything that you would want a power station to feature, be it the high power capacity, A lot of Input and output options, innovative design, touch-screen for certain controls, etc.

Note & Image Credits: This is a Product Feature Review Article & some images used in this article are taken from the Bluetti website.