Based on the occasion and type of apparel we can select the fabric to tailor the cloak. Here we go with 5 exclusive fabrics for men that is an all-rounder in its rating among men. Not just basic we will also take you through some indulging collection which is are rare and yet is a statement of quality.

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It is one of the leading fabric in Western countries specifically with low temperature. Wool is again ensemble in different categories:-

Worsted Wool

When it comes to patrician corporates or any party then suiting or coat or jacket ensembles takes a major part of the wardrobe. To tailor such attire worsted wool is definitely the classic choice. But Diamond Silk and Worsted wool is a premium category of wool which is light in weight. It is a fabric specialized in making of jacket or coat which is constructed in a hopsack weave. It is a formed with the blending of Merino Wool of Super 150’ and smooth original silk.

Orchid Scented Wool

This is a Scabel fabric with Super 150’ that denotes quality grandeur and durability. The best part of this fabric is that infused with orchid extract which keeps the delicate aroma intact even after several dry washes. With this exclusive fabric design for men can be textured by Tissura is the leading producer of this fabric worldwide. It also provides the same in best price of $740 per meter.

Silk Worsted Wool

It had Super 200’ with a blend of silk and worsted wool. It is premium quality with fine strands and light in weight.

Lapis Lazuli Wool with Cashmere

It is constructed in twill weave with a blend of worsted wool and cashmere. It has Super 150’. It also has small particles of Lapis Lazuli which is a semi-precious stone made of metamorphic rick and adds to the grandeur of the dress.


It is the best fabric for winter apparels. Its fine quality itself is a sign of grandeur. Mostly used to make a coat or jacket or suits broadly in all parts of the country. Its price range is high but accomplishes the luxury signature.


Silk shirt, pant or coat or sherwani or kurta whatever category you add to it the ultimate product will be stunning and head turning. Again with different silk types and price range variations are there. Tissura has a vast array of silk for you.


Cotton is very best for comfort wear or regular wear, especially in summer based countries. Cotton has an unbeatable market turnover across the world. Pure cotton is good for any apparel category.


Linen is another widely sold fabric for both party wear and regular wear. Linen made shirt or coat or any ethnic wear is on high demand. Check with Tissura’s stock for linen and evade the various types.