WD My Passport Go SSD

WD My Passport GO SSD





  • Weighs Just 55 Grams
  • Rugged Design
  • Compact Form Factor
  • Good Read/Write Speeds
  • Built In USB Cable


  • Available Usage Space 465GB

Unboxing the WD My Passport Go SSD

WD My Passport Go SSD Box items

Inside the packaging we get the following items

  • WD Passport GO SSD with a built-In USB 3.0 Cable
  • WD Discovery software for WD Backup
  • WD Drive utility software
  • User Manual

Design & Quality

WD My Passport Go SSD Design

The WD My Passport Go SSD has a rugged design with a square form factor, which feels compact. The SSD is built really well and feels solid in hand, the drop protection bumper on the SSD is of good quality, and this will protect your SSD from any scuffs, mishandlings, or drops from 1M.

The SSD weighs in at just 55 grams, which is very light, considering its rugged design, this can easily fit in your pocket and is quite handy.

WD My Passport Go SSD Built in Cable

In terms of Ports and accessibility, there is just a built-in USB 3.0 cable for data transfers, which we feel is very convenient, as many tend to lose the external cables quite often, and carrying them separately is a hassle, hence with this, losing cables is sorted out.

This SSD is great for people, who are always on the go for the work, be it a Photographer, Flim maker, or anyone who needs to back up and retrieve data faster to get their work done efficiently.

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Available Storage options

The WD My Passport Go SSD is a portable solid-state drive (SSD) that is available in 3 storage options, those are 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB variants.

We got the 500GB variant, upon formatting the SSD, the available storage space for your usage will be around 465GB.

Read/Write Speeds

WD My Passport Go SSD Read speeds

This SSD has fast read/write speeds, In benchmarks, the SSD showcased read speeds of around 300+ Mbps and write speeds up to 110Mbps.

We tried to copy a 40GB file from our pc to the SSD and the copy speed kept hovering between 30-35Mbps. Similarly, when we tried to copy the same file back to our pc, we got a speed of 45Mbps.

Overall we feel that the speeds are good when compared to a normal hard disk, and as WD mentioned in their product description, that the speeds would be 2x of a normal hard disk, which is very true.


The WD My Passport Go SSD is a very handy gadget that a content creator should own, Along with the rugged design, this makes the data backup and transfer process really easy, and this saves a lot of time, plus it is compatible with Windows, Mac & other operating systems.

If you are using a SATA [HDD] / Normal Hard Disk, you must consider buying this compact SSD, because the normal hard disk drives can fail anytime and data recovery is a hassle, better, to use a backup drive like the WD My Passport Go SSD to regularly backup your data. SSDs are mostly fail-proof, so you can be worry-free about your data loss.