Kospet Prime 2

Kospet Prime Watch Features

The First generation Kospet Prime watch supported 4G Nano SIM card, It used a 1.6 inch IPS touch screen with 400 x 400 resolution, In terms of battery, the Kospet prime smartwatch had a 1260mAh.

This Smartwatch also supports face ID unlock, This would be most probably the first watch in the world to come with such a feature. The also has dual cameras (2.0MP + 8.0MP) that allow you to make video calls.

Kospet Prime 2 Smartwatch

It is rumored that Kospet will be releasing the Prime 2 smartwatch this year. we have to wait for the official launch date to know that.

Rumors suggested that the Kospet Prime 2 smartwatch may have a 3D-sensing camera, In recent years, we have seen the 3D depth-sensing in some Phones and they work great, A 3D sensing camera on a smartwatch would be amazing. Will this Smartwatch have this feature? Lets wait and see.

According to some online sources, this smartwatch will be equipped with a MediaTek Helio P22 processor, which offers good low-light camera performance and better performance, allowing for an optimal mix of power-saving and performance.

IN 2020, we are mostly getting started with 5G networks, with some advanced features on the Kospet Prime 2 Smartwatch, we hope it comes with a 5G support. We are really excited to check out the advanced features of this smartwatch when it launches.

Update: 25th July 2020

According to some sources, it is said that Kospet Prime 2 will have a display bigger than most of its smartwatch available in the market competitors. It is said that it will come with a 2.1-inch screen with a 480 x 480-pixel display resolution. 

That makes it a great upgrade over the Kospet prime that has a 1.6-inch display. Some of the smartwatches have a smaller display size than the Kospet prime 2 like the Xiaomi Watch Color has a 1.39-inches display & the Fitbit versa has a 1,4-inch display.

We will try to review this smartwatch, as soon as it launches, so guys stay tuned for the same.