Pamu Unique earphones

Pamu Unique TWS Earphones





  • Punchy Bass
  • Replaceable Case Covers
  • USB-C Charging
  • Wireless Charger Included
  • IPX6 Water Resistant


  • Earphones Attract dust quickly

In the recent years, there has been a trend among earphone manufacturers, of coming up with different design concepts of the earphones, but only a few stand out of the rest, One such is the Padmate Pamu Unique truly wireless earphones.

Unboxing & Hands-On Overview

What do you get with Pamu Unique?

Pamu unique Case covers
  • Pamu Unique Earphones
  • Earphones Charging Case
  • 3 Funky Charging Case Covers
  • Wireless Charger Module
  • Soft Carry Pouch
  • Eartips [S, M, L]

Pamu Unique – Design & Fit

Pamu unique earphones

In terms of design, these earphones look simple, but they feel quite well built, the earphones only one color option to choose from, and that is black, These earphones are dust magnet, they attract dust very quickly and need often cleaning to look good.

In terms of fit and comfort, the Pamu unique earphones fitted perfectly in our ears and didn’t fell off when used them while doing simple doing exercises like running, these earphones are also IPX6 water-resistant.

Pamu unique earphones

The Charging case is quite unique, as it offers customization via replaceable covers, we get 3 different design covers to choose from.

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Audio Quality, Microphone & Sound Isolation 

Pamu unique earphones chaging case

The audio output via the Pamu Unique is loud & clear in our Opinion, We also noticed the frequency & sound balance is good, as it offers rich bass and good mids, these earphones are great for listening to Electronic Music & songs with high beats.

These earphones have Dual-Mic Noise Cancelling Technology, which helps great audio reception, these earphones have one of the best microphones among the competition, Sound isolation on these earphones is good, only when the volume levels are at max.

Operations & Battery Life on the Pamu Unique

Pamu unique earphones wireless charger

Using the earphones is quite simple, you just need to take these out out the charging case and they would in pairing mode, you can even press the earphones rear for few seconds to turn it on/off and press it a bit longer will get it into pairing mode.

The Earphones took around 1.5 hours to get charged, the charging case has a USB-C Port, and it took around 2 hours to get charged, We got around 8 hours of continuous usage with these earphones. One can charge these earphones in case 3-4 times.

Pamu unique earphones design

We also get a wireless charger with the Pamu unique earphones, which is impressive at the price it sells for, just plug in the wireless charging module to your earphones and keep it at your wireless charger.

These Earphones are controlled via the touch controls in the earphones, we have few gestures that needs to be performed in order to perform various action such as increasing/decreasing volume, playing/pausing music, picking up calls,etc.

Connectivity & Range of the Earphones

We found the connectivity in these earphones to be good as they have Bluetooth 5.0 , they are connected if you are not too far from your paired device. While listing to music, we tried moving up to 20 feet and the earphones played music without any distortion or disconnection.

Market Analysis of Similarly priced earphones

We analyzed few earphones that are currently selling in the market at the same price point, &we felt that Pamu Unique offers some extra accessories such as wireless charging module & replaceable case covers that are an added advantage for these earphones.


These earphones are great in terms of fashion & accessories point of view, they offer great design and accessories plus the audio is good enough for your daily usages like calls, music, etc.