One plus has disrupted that flagship smartphone market in the past few years , from launching their One plus one got to be huge success , with next up releasing One plus 2 which also got Good response and Now they have the One Plus 3 that they released few months back , it is the hottest selling smartphone in the world now also , what so special about it  ?  Almost everything is special about it  from its Cost , Build , Specs , etc

This is the First Smartphone that i have Countinously used as my Primary device for more than 3 months and still its my primary is the one plus 3 , in between i have Reviewed almost 5-6 phones , but none of it made to my primary device

With my super heavy Usage of 15 hours daily with 4G , WiFi on , with 3-4 hours of Calls , 10-15 Photos with few hours of Youtube streaming and hour or two of calling , And few minutes of Gaming , I was still left with 10-15% battery everytime

and the best Feature i miss in Every Smartphone is the Dash Charging , Man its just too Good ,  just put in my phone for 30-40 mins of charge and i am up with 60 % battery damm it was super fast 

To the internals it comes with Snapdragon 820 Processor with 6GB of Ram and 16MP back camera + 8MP front Camera – with Gorgeous 5.5 Inch Full HD optic Amoled Display Panel

Will i Recommend you this device now also – Hell yeah anytime for Sure !

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One Plus 3 Review – A day’s power in half an hour – Must Buy