Soundcore Liberty 2 Air

Soundcore Liberty 2 Air





  • Superb Bass
  • Classic Design
  • HearID Technology
  • Excellent Call Quality

Most of us want to buy a truly wireless earphone, but most of the good ones are priced high. Can you get a good one at the budget price? Here we have the Soundcore Liberty 2 Air.

What’s Inside the box?

  • Charging Case
  • USB-C Cable
  • Liberty 2 Air
  • Eartips
  • User Manual

Unboxing & Hands-On Overview – Soundcore Liberty 2 Air

The Box packaging is quite interesting with a lot of information written over it, its a magnetic flip-open box. The box contents are well placed, we had an amazing unboxing experience.

Design & Fit

Did You Know: Liberty Air 2’s diamond-coated drivers increase the sound frequency bandwidth by 15% and deliver 2× the amount of bass

Liberty 2 Air has a classic design, we have the white color version which gives an appealing look, Soundcore Liberty 2 Air is built really well, they fit perfectly in your ears and feel comfortable even when using them for extensive calls and music sessions.

There are no physical buttons on the earphones, they can be operated via touch gestures (you can use either earbud to control music, calls, activate voice assistants, or even power on/off.) and it would take 2-3 days for you to get adjusted to the same but this seems to really useful as it doesn’t hamper the earphone fit and we can comfortably use the earphones without worrying about loose fit.

The Earbuds also have IPX5 protection, so you can wear them in your Gym too as they sound very well and have very good bass you can listen to your bass thumping songs and have a great workout session.

Charging Case

This color on the charging case looks & feels like sandstone white, it is compact and can slide in your pockets easily, flip top can be opened to place the earphones for charging, check out the video to see the same. To the front, the 4 led lights indicate the amount of charge left in the case.

The USB-C Cable charges the Case in around 2 hours or so and it takes around 4 hours to get charged in Wireless charging. The Case can charge the earbuds for around 3 times.

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Features of Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro

Below are Some Unique Features Mentioned in the Product website with our comments in blue text.

  • Diamond-Enhanced Sound: Liberty Air 2’s diamond-coated drivers increase the sound frequency bandwidth by 15% and deliver 2× the amount of bass.

These earbuds have amazing bass, just play some EDM music on them and you would be amazed to see its performance considering its price point, In our opinion, if you’re a bass head, look nowhere just get these earphones.

  • 4 Microphones with CVC 8.0 Uplink Noise Cancellation: Environmental noises are reduced by 60% and 95% of your voice is retained for a crystal-clear call experience.

Call Quality was Great, Similar to the Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro that we reviewed, the calls are loud and clear, the noise reduction works flawless, even in windy/Rainy situations, if you are into a field job this would be a great purchase for you.

  • Up to 28 Hours of Playtime: Enjoy 7 hours of playtime on a single charge and extend to 28 hours with the charging case.

Battery Life was good enough on these earphones, Some of the higher-priced competitors don’t even give half the battery life as this gives so we are happy with the battery life.

  • HearID Technology: HearID maps your hearing sensitivity at multiple frequencies and intelligently analyzes the results to give you a truly personalized listening experience.

At first, this seemed like a gimmick but after trying out this feature we realized this is a  quite unique, the HearID Customizes the Sound Profile according to our hearing preferences, we wish all earphones should have this feature it is really cool & an avid music lover would surely appreciate the same.

  • One-Step Pairing and Bluetooth 5 Connectivity: Liberty Air 2 wireless earphones use Bluetooth 5 for a fast, easy, and ultra-stable connection.

This is something really cool and flawless, just Put in the earphones in the case, and pair it, it is one step process and with Bluetooth 5.0, the range and sound quality are better even when the phone is little far from the earphones, the connection remains stable every time.


If you are an EDM or Heavy Bass music lover or use earphones quite frequently for calls these are the perfect pair for you, This would be a great gift for people having field jobs.