If you ride a Two Wheeler Vehicle , A Good Quality helmet is a must which has a ISI Cerified ,  and Whats better than the Steelbird Stylish helmets

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The Steelbird Air SBA2 Helmet is made up of High Impact ABS Material Shell with Multi layer EPS (Thermocol) of High Density and low density , For more Safety with Air Channels

Safety & Ventilation

Steelbird Air SBA2 Helmet has a Micro-Metric Buckle meeting European Standards. The ventilation of the helmet’s upper part uses the AIR BOOSTER system. Innovative ventilation system is also equipped with an air intake in the chin guard, an air intake in the frontal & Top area and two rear extractors recycling air inside the helmet.


The Steelbird Air SBA2 Helmet has a Italian Design with Hygenic Interior With Multipore Breathable Pedding Neck Protector For Extra Comfort Extra Comfort Padding Polycarbonate Anti Scratch Coated Visor Quick Release Visor mechanism Kit.

The Steelbird Air SBA2 Helmet also has a Odourless Mouth Guard Wide Colour Range with many Designer graphics options

Authenticity of Brand

SteelBird has a App known as SteelBird Connect through which you can scan the QR Code that was given with the helmet and with that you can scan it in the App and it will tell about the Authenticity of the ISI Mark , As the market is Flooded with Fake ISI Mark helmet , which even some Brands Sell , I got a Droom Branded helmet for Rs.50 in a flash sale and when i got it , i just broke into peices as it fell once from just 10 ft distance itself , also it has a ISI mark , which then i Concluded that it was fake , Hence by this way when you Buy SteelBird helmet you Can be assured of getting a Original ISI Certified Mark Helmet !

Steelbird Air SBA2 –  Unboxing & Review Video

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