Cherrinet Fiiber Broadband





  • Good Speed
  • Highly Reliable
  • Quick Customer Service via Call


  • Unresponsive Social Media handles
  • Better Plans available from other ISPs
  • False Promotions on Social Media

We are in a era where Internet service is a must for us and we want a Internet service thats gives us great speed and Data , And Whats better than Cherrinet Broadband

My Current ISP is Cherrinet Broadband , which is a Chennai based company serving Internet services in South India

I have used many broadband Services Before too but was not satisfied with any one them , I have used the below ISP`s Internet services and My experience was !

  • Airtel broadband (Gives Slow Speed & Limited Data) 
  • Reliance Broadband (Unlimted but Low speed and Frequent Disconnection)
  • BSNL Broadband (Very Limited data and Slow speed But Reliable)
  • Tata DoCoMo Broadband (The Worst ever , Slow speeds , frequent disconnection and Poor Customer service)


Cherrinet Broadband Review


STARTER 999 100 Mbps Unlimited GB ** NO FUP
STARTER NEO 1299 150 Mbps Unlimited GB ** NO FUP
BASIC 1,499 200 Mbps Unlimited GB ** NO FUP


I use the Starter Plan in which i get 100Mbps Speed , with Truly unlimited Data , Total price inclusive of taxes Comes to Rs.1185 , I have been using their connection for past 4 Months and am pretty happy with their performance


The process was quick , i booked the Connection Online , The Salesman Came next Day Picked up my documents and the Money , I opted for a 3 month plan , hence my installation fee was waived of and the installation was done within next 4 days !


Speed of the internet is Constant and reliable , I use a Good WiFi router , hence i get the Full 100mbps speed in WiFi too and in Wired connection also ! Highly recomment you to get a good 5GHZ WiFi Router

Check Out TP-Link Deco M5 WiFi Mesh Router Review !

Connection Quality

There were No Downtimes in my last 4 months of usage and the Internet was connected 24/7 as this is based on the FTTH technology , The Connection quality was top notch , The ping was also somewhere between 1-3 Ms in the Speedtest

Customer Service

Its the best i have ever seen , If any Issue you can log on to the Cherrinet Broadband website , Register your complain and your issue 99% of the times gets solved within a hour and you also get a callback to ensure the issue is resolved !

But their Social media Team is not responsive at all .

False Promotions on Social Media

Cherrinet had a Promotion to Review their Broadband service on Their FB Page , Etc – And the prizes were – as far as i can remember were , 1 year , 6 and 3 Months Free Internet , Something of that Sort .

But What did we actually got is Just 15 days that too following up them for few days on social media . Due to this I got pissed off and Changed my ISP now .Please See the above screenshot of what they had to say about the Promotion




You can get this broadband if Social media support is not a concern and you can pay more amount for the broadband than its Competition.




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