Cherrinet Fiiber Broadband





  • Good Speed
  • Highly Reliable
  • Quick Customer Service via Call


  • Unresponsive Social Media handles
  • False Promotions on Social Media

We are in a era where Internet service is a must for us and we want a Internet service thats gives us great speed and Data , And Whats better than Cherrinet Broadband

My Current ISP is Cherrinet Broadband , which is a Chennai based company serving Internet services in South India

I have used many broadband Services Before too but was not satisfied with any one them , I have used the below ISP`s Internet services and My experience was !

  • Airtel broadband (Gives Slow Speed & Limited Data) 
  • Reliance Broadband (Unlimted but Low speed and Frequent Disconnection)
  • BSNL Broadband (Very Limited data and Slow speed But Reliable)
  • Tata DoCoMo Broadband (  Slow speeds , frequent disconnection )


Cherrinet Broadband Review


STARTER 999 100 Mbps Unlimited GB ** NO FUP
STARTER NEO 1299 150 Mbps Unlimited GB ** NO FUP
BASIC 1,499 200 Mbps Unlimited GB ** NO FUP


I use the Starter Plan in which i get 100Mbps Speed , with Truly unlimited Data , Total price inclusive of taxes Comes to Rs.1185 , I have been using their connection for past 4 Months and am pretty happy with their performance


The process was quick , i booked the Connection Online , The Salesman Came next Day Picked up my documents and the Money , I opted for a 3 month plan , hence my installation fee was waived of and the installation was done within next 4 days !


Speed of the internet is Constant and reliable , I use a Good WiFi router , hence i get the Full 100mbps speed in WiFi too and in Wired connection also ! Highly recommend you to get a good 5GHZ WiFi Router

Check Out TP-Link Deco M5 WiFi Mesh Router Review !

Connection Quality

There were No Downtimes in my last 4 months of usage and the Internet was connected 24/7 as this is based on the FTTH technology , The Connection quality was top notch , The ping was also somewhere between 1-3 Ms in the Speedtest

Customer Service

Its the best i have ever seen , If any Issue you can log on to the Cherrinet Broadband website , Register your complain and your issue 99% of the times gets solved within a hour and you also get a callback to ensure the issue is resolved !

But their Social media Team is not responsive at all .

False Promotions on Social Media

Cherrinet had a Promotion to Review their Broadband Service on Their FB Page , Etc – And the prizes were – as far as i can remember were , 1 year , 6 and 3 Months Free Internet , Something of that Sort .

But What did we actually we got is Just 15 days that too following up them for few days on social media . ( The Reason Stated by them was Low Participation ) – which can be understood from their point of view , but Just 15 days of extension , due to this i was Annoyed , and changed my ISP ,  If they Would have given atleast 2-3 months extension for the people who took their time to rate the service and put up a review . I would have Continued with Cherrinet ISP .




You can get this broadband if Social media support is not a concern and you can pay more amount for the broadband than its Competition.



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