PooliPrinter L2 Box

PoooliPrinter L2


Build Quality




Print Quality


App Features


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  • Ink-less Printing
  • 300DPI HD Prints
  • 100 Prints in 1 Roll.
  • Water, oil and Scratch Proof Prints
  • Easy to Use - Mobile App


  • Black and White Photo Prints.

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Why PoooliPrinter L2?

PooliPrinter L2

Many of us use simple sticky notes for our work, school, etc. And most of us also wished that, we could get our notes, reminders and photos printed on the go, and for the same, you may consider getting yourself a PoooliPrinter L2, this pocket printer has a compact form factor, Ink-less printing, wireless connectivity and ease of use, this makes it an ideal gift for anyone.

What do you get with the PoooliPrinter L2?

PooliPrinter L2 Accessories

When you buy this printer, you get a free paper roll along with the printer, but you can also order separate paper rolls as you wish, we have got a few extra paper rolls such as the Sticky, colorful, white paper rolls for this review.

But below is what you get inside the box:

  • PoooliPrinter L2
  • Detachable Beak Magnet
  • White Paper Roll
  • Charging Cable
  • Quick Start Guide

PoooliPrinter L2 Key Features?

PooliPrinter L2 Features

Some key features of this pocket printer are as follows:

1. 300 DPI Printing

Poooliprint print your daily life

Print HD Photos whenever you want, the 54mm/2.1inch printing width, makes the photo adjust to the sheet frame and with the 300dpi definition, you get Instant HD prints in few seconds. 

2. Compact and Portable

PoooliPrinter L2

The printer is of just 3.25*3.25*1.5 inch / 83*83*38 mm Size, and this makes it super compact and portable, you can carry it in your handbags or even in your pockets.

3. Bluetooth Connectivity

Print from your tablet or smartphone with Poooli app

This Printer works wirelessly, which means no need to put up messy cables all around for connecting the printer, Just Connect your phone, turn on the Bluetooth, open the Poooli App and you are good to go.

 4. INK-LESS Technology

This printer uses the Japanese heating print head technology, here the ink is not used, and no unnecessary costs are added, We can print up to 100 pictures on 1 paper roll. 

5. Durable Prints

Poooli beak magnet fridge

The printed sheets are durable for up to 10-25 years and are water resistant, oil-proof and scratch-free.

PoooliPrinter L2 Demo Video

In this video you can see the Quick Design overview and the printing capabilities of this Printer.

PoooliPrinter L2 Mobile App

This printer has an App, that helps customize your prints, the whole process is very smooth – just add text, graphics, designs – and you are good to print within matter of seconds.

In the App you can set the design of the print, be it light, regular or bold, the print mode – text, graphic or HD Grayscale [Black and White Photos], number of copies, etc.

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Where can we use the PoooliPrinter L2?

PooliPrinter L2 Print

This printer can be used for anything that can we traditionally do via sticky notes or use normal printers to print., in the above image you can see that, we have printed a template of [To-do List for Work], anyone whose job involves communicating with clients, have frequent meetings can use to print their task and stick it on their monitors or tables.

PooliPrinter L2 Print

Going on a holiday? Share your activity plans in advanced, with your friends by sharing these prints with them and check off your adventure list and upload cool pictures.

PooliPrinter L2 Print

Feeling motivated or want to make other motivated? – simply print quotes on the PoooliPrinter L2 and stick it on your fridge with the help of detachable beak magnet or maybe give it to others.

Our Experience with the PoooliPrinter L2

PooliPrinter L2 Accessories

Overall, we had a great experience, using the PooliPrinter L2, we will surely suggest this printer to anyone who uses sticky notes or prints photos frequently, this also makes a great gift for anyone, specially children, as they will love this product, because this would help them in their creative activities and academic projects.